Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Biographies of the Wee Ones

The Big Sister

Name: Elaina Rose

Alias: LuluBelle, Sweetsie Sue, BabyDoll, Angel
Age: 25 months
Height: 33.5 inches (30 percentile)
Weight: 27 pounds (50 percentile)
Likes: Little brother, "Winkin," binkies at bedtime, books, dancing, swinging at the playground
Dislikes: Healthy food, nutritious food, new foods
Talents: somersaults, sliding, counting to 15, impressive vocabulary, flair for the dramatic
Favorite Toy: viewmaster that Aunt Jan and Uncle Stan sent her for her birthday (otherwise referred to as her "ninnoc-cooyers"

Things she would like you to know: recently had first sighting of new bottom row tooth broken through and bump of another one almost ready to show; Elaina went pee-pee on the potty on Monday night and received 2 M&M's and excitedly did the potty dance with Mommy
The Little Brother
Name: Lincoln Todd

Alias: Sweetie, Love, BabyBoy

Age: 3 months

Height: 24 inches (50 percentile)

Weight: 15.9 pounds (75 percentile)

Likes: holding onto his mommy/daddy/blanket, hanging his head off the bend of mommy's elbow so that she looks like she doesn't know how to hold a baby, smiling, cooing and discovering an almost-giggle in his throat

Dislikes: being hungry or sitting in a soiled diaper

Talents: recently began sleeping through the night like a champ! Consistently drinks 6 ounces at every feeding. Beginning to stand on his strong legs and supports his head very well.

Favorite toy: loves his swing and loves to have something to hold onto

Things he would like you to know: Did I mention him sleeping through the night? He has recently found his thumb and has become a thumb-sucker with the rest of his fingers pressed to the side of his nose.

2 Welcome Comments:

Kate said...

Hooray thumb sucker! Sounds like he may be a blankie kid. May I recommend colored cloth diapers as a most convenient choice?

Kelsey said...

I love the little bios -- so cute! You should have cards made up or something, like baseball cards. :-)

It is astonishing how big Lincoln is growing and so fast! Once they get a little older it's easy to forget how much they manage in those first months.