Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Lincoln is almost 4 months old.

I have mother guilt.

I need help.

Here's my confession:

I never had birth announcements made for our little precious.

There. I said it. Guilt. Hate guilt.

When he was, oh let's say 2 months, I was waiting for the perfect, sweet opportunity to snap the most beautiful photo ever and send it to dozens of our family and friends. I found myself waiting around for some peace and quiet with Lincoln all to myself. Well, when you have two kids, those moments generally happen along about 10:00 p.m., in which photo shoots don't necessarily occur to my tired mind. And then there was Elaina's second birthday which crept up on me sooner than I thought possible. And when I had just finally had it with my own procrastination and was determined to make "thee photo" happen, Lincoln had come down with his burning fever which landed him in the hospital. And that's not going to make for very many happy-boy-faces.

I could go on and on with excuse after excuse about being busy, yet it still doesn't excuse the fact that I have severe mom guilt and my baby is only getting older by the day. And still no birth announcements done. Never mind that my camera has been recalled and there is no hope for "thee photo" to be taken in the next 2-3 weeks. I'm thinking of using an older photo and pretending like I had them done a long time ago. Like they just probably took that long to get mailed back to me.

Tell me, is it too late to send birth announcements?

Don't even get me started on when I'll be able to get him to the portrait studio to have his 3 month pictures done. Aaack!

Help. Me.

2 Welcome Comments:

Heather said...

I say send them anyhow! Four months isn't THAT long. After all, you supposedly have a year to write a wedding thank you, so I think you should get at least that long for a birth announcement.

Kate said...

Auntie Kate wants pictures!! I think as "punishment" you should send everyone TWO pictures instead of one. Lincoln's so special-- we'll be celebrating his birth for years to come. Go ahead and send them and STOP feeling guilty. You are such a good mom!