Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Sometimes I Think I'm Smart

Yep, it's true! Sometimes I come up with rather intelligent ideas to make my life and living just a little bit easier. Of course I'm not claiming any originality on this idea and it's far from brilliant.

However, while I was changing Lincoln's clothes and peeling off a too-tight-sleeper-which-accidentally-crept-back-into-his-drawer, I had a little spark of smart to keep his too-small clothes from making their way back into rotation. Are you ready for this? I turned them inside out! When they come out of the laundry, inside out, I know it's time to retire them for good.

Oh yeah! Genius! Inside out! In my genius abilities, I do find time to laugh at myself over the fact that it's taken all of 2 years to establish this new system.

Go ahead and use it, this tip is on me!

1 Welcome Comments:

Kate said...

You mean you don't rotate? *smile* We take them out of rotation when they get stained. The juice stains and syrup/yogurt crust tell us it's time for the washing machine. Now feel free to ask us how we determine when it's time for a bath.