Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Grandparent Adventure

Just how many grandparents can you visit in one weekend?

The answer: 6
Given the fact that Elaina and Lincoln have a grand total of 8 grandparents / great-grandparents, I'd say we covered a lot of ground on our weekend trip to my parents' house and his parents' house.
The reason for the visit was sparked by Eric's grandma coming up from West Virginia to stay with his parents for the week. While she was there, Eric's other grandma came over for the day and we all headed to Eric's brother and sister-in-law's house for a cookout.
Follow all of that? Just in case you're counting, that makes a party of three grandma's and a grandpa all in one place! It was the first time that either great-grandma had ever met Lincoln and they were both surprised at how much Elaina has grown up and changed since they saw her last. Needless to say, they were a lot of hugs being doled out to each of our munchkins.
Just like every other family gathering, we ate loads of great food and enjoyed visiting long past the wee ones bedtimes. While we were there, Elaina enjoyed jumping on the trampoline, riding her cousin Evan's new battery powered 4 wheeler and swinging on the swingset. With entertainment like that, who would ever want to go home?
Surprisingly; Elaina. Apparently, she had worn herself out by all of her recreation and was begging to go to bed by 9:30. The bed we were headed to was at my mom and dad's house. ( Make that grandparent set # 6.) By the time we arrived at grandma and pop-pop's house, she had gotten her second wind and was thrilled to chase around with pop-pop and talk to grandma. Unbelievable. The child who begged for bedtime only an hour earlier, was made to go to bed about 4 times before her daddy finally got her tucked in.
What a great day of visiting!
P.S. Note: Great Grandma and Great Grandpa in Florida- we miss you too and wish that you were within a quick three hour drive away too! Love you! You would have made our weekend complete!

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