Sunday, August 26, 2007

Three Musketeers

Let me just start by saying that I am in awe of what a great weekend I enjoyed with my two kids. Yep, just the three of us!

I stayed up on Friday night until almost 2 a.m. to finish some of the miscellaneous mom-chores around the house (i.e. 6 loads of laundry) and felt quite accomplished by the time my head finally hit the pillow. As if on schedule, both little munchkins woke at the ripe, old hour of 7 (!) the next morning. Like any good mom, I fed Lincoln his bottle, brought up a sippy of milk and snack trap of dried cereal for Elaina and we all vegged out in bed, watching cartoons for the next 2 hours. Nevermind the fact that I missed several of the shows as I couldn't see through my eyelids. Now that's the way I like to start off my mornings!

Since there's no keeping a busy-body-2 year old still for too long, I peeled myself out of bed and even decided to run some errands with both kids in tow. Again, amazingly, they were easy. No crying, no whining, no fussing and no fits! E-Z! That must have been the key to wearing Elaina out just enough that she settled in bed for her overdue nap time and slept for 3 hours. OMG! I really can't express how thrilling that was. I was tempted to wake her up until the more sensible, practical mother in me snapped me back into realty and I realized that if she was sleeping that much, her body must just need it. The anal, worrisome half of me began to question if she ever be able to fall asleep that same night. (She did!)

And so, remember my big, long, troublesome list of doom? I tackled it head on while sleeping beauty was accounted for. In between each load of laundry or with the completion of each task, I gave myself a 10 minute-ish play break with Lincoln. He enjoyed some tummy time, bouncing and wiggling as we cooed at each other and smiled. If only I had a camera, I could show you just how good he is getting at his big smiles. They are completely contagious!

Sunday morning was almost as leisurely, with the exception of even less sleep on my part the night before. Elaina and I made our favorite cinnamon rolls, (the child has been known to eat three before!) and called Daddy on the phone. Since our church doesn't have a daycare, I didn't even make an effort to think I was hauling two kids there all alone and try to juggle their contentment. While it would have been noble, I feel that most of the message is lost when you're trying to pay some attention to one in an infant carrier while making sure the mobile one isn't coloring on hymnals or crawling atop or underneath pews. Our Sunday was a little more low key. And trust me, I'm always thanking the Lord for that!

Eric arrived home from the race around 3 p.m. and no sooner, ushered me off to the stores to make some returns and buy dog food. Since we live almost 30 miles away from the shopping mecca of the county, going to the out to the stores is quite an event. Unlike my brother and SIL, who live literally 5 minutes away from the best shopping ever, we have a drive. In my opinion, that was good planning on Eric's part to keep my distance from the shopping. I would never come home from work on time and we would have probably run out of money about 3 years ago. So, for my afternoon, I ran errands all alone and savored what was left of my weekend!

A good one by far!

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