Monday, August 27, 2007

Good Eater

Now, by the title "Good Eater" who would you guess I am referring to?

Would you guess:
(A) Me, since I enjoy a giant bowl of ice cream about 4 times per week
(B) Keegan, our dog, since I just bought him 70 pounds of dog food (stocking up)
(C) Picky-Pickerson, a.k.a.: Elaina, the non-eater

Well, in case you went out on a limb and guessed Elaina, you are right! Just in case you guessed me or Keegan, you get extra points as well, since neither of us are even slightly under nourished.

Tonight it was Elaina who I am happy to report had a fairly decent dinner. Eric was out working and so it was just me and my girl at the dinner table. The first shocker of the evening was when she told me that she was hungry. The child is never hungry, except for junk food and snacks. She even told me she wanted "awfuls." "Awfuls" are waffles in Elaina-speak. So, waffles for dinner. Okay! She helped me put the frozen waffle into the toaster slot (okay, okay, I'll begin making homemade waffles again when I don't have a 3 month old who is going to begin fussing to eat in 30 minutes!) and we were cooking. The water works began to pour and her bottom lip about hit the table in discontent when I put strawberry jelly ON the waffle, rather than on the bear's head on her little pictured plate. DRAMA! QUEEN! She pushed her plate away, refusing even one bite. At that point, I was trying to gage where this little tiff was headed. I could have easily lost my temper and took her straight to bed without any dinner. And believe me, I was envisioning it in my head. But instead, I took charge and changed my tone (read: yelled) at her explaining that her waffle was the only thing she was going to get tonight and it was going to taste exactly the same. And then I ignored her. Somewhere, a spark of magic happened. Right in my kitchen. She said she would try it! Did you hear the angels singing? Are those harps in the background? My daughter is trying something she had her mind set on that she wouldn't want to eat. In fact, hold onto your seats; she ate 2 (TWO) whole waffles, with a side of peanut butter, strawberry jelly and even asked for some syrup for dippy. And a 1/4 of a banana.

Bear in mind, this is still the girl who won't eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or any combination of them on bread.


2 Welcome Comments:

Katie said...

That sounds like a great dinner to me! I never, EVER thought of putting peanut butter with waffles. That is genius!

Kate said...

YAY 'Laina! Such a big girl to eat so well. Are you growing again?