Saturday, November 10, 2007

About a Simple, Hoarse, Birthday Party

Welcome to My Day.

6:35 Lincoln wakes up.

6:36 I stumble out of bed, hand Lincoln and a fresh diaper off to Grandma and snuggle back into my warm nest.

9:30 Beautiful, glorious, 9 hours of sleep! But... crap, I have no voice and my now swollen glands are slowly but surely going to take over my whole head.

9:45 My mom spoon feeds me cough medicine while I'm in bed, just like I'm 7 years old again. What would we do without mom's? God love her.

10:00 I peel myself out of bed. Both kids are playing and happy. I eat the last cinnamon roll that my child conned her grandma into making.

10:30- 2:00 I determine that I am allergic to the whole town in which my parents' live. They live in a very rural community and the farmers have been harvesting their fields. Guess what? I am very much allergic to grain dust and mold. My voice is very hoarse and I developed a cough overnight which may give way to my left lung any minute now.

2:00 I leave my kids with my parents to host my very first TS party. My first, real, official party that is. With guests and everything. One of my best friend's from high school offered to do a party for me to help kick off my new business and get some sales. And so, I took my raspy, hoarse voice and 78 tissues stuffed in my pockets to pretend to be the bright, beaming consultant full of energy who people would want to order TS items by the truckload. Whoo Hoo!

3:00 - 6:00 The newest consultant on the block actually gets through her very first show successfully, while lungs remain safely within chest cavity for duration.

6:00 -8:00 Drive straight to nephew, Evan's birthday party. My children are already in attendance, courtesy of the Grandma and Grandpa shuttle service. I walk in to find Lincoln hanging out on his Uncle Tim's lap, watching football and Elaina happily chasing balloons with her cousin, Evan. Eat yummy leftovers and fill up on cake. Yum.

8:00 Kids are tired, Elaina is begging to go to bed and I phone my mom and dad, like I'm 14 asking for a ride home. Seems as though they have the carseats, ya' know?

9:30 Children have long since gone to bed, my mom and I can barely stay awake and I chug down the remaining bottle of whiskey.

Oh wait, did I say whiskey? Silly me, that was just more cough medicine. Wrong bottle. I'll get it right the next time.

What a long day. Who invented "allergy season" anyhow? And how did my name get on that list?

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