Monday, November 19, 2007

The Best Noise

Elaina has magic when it comes to her little brother. Seriously, she sometimes makes me feel inadequate relative to my son's general happiness. Elaina though, can make him belly laugh as if he's going to break into little pieces, at the drop of a hat, or as you see the slapping of her hand on his highchair. Funny.

As for what you are about to see... there is really nothing left to say.

Note to self: Do not leave the co-defendants alone for longer than one minute whenever there are cookies near.

3 Welcome Comments:

Giselle said...

Get used to feeling inadequate...if your kids are anything like mine. Andrew can literally bang something into Lily's head, steal a toy, knock her over...and a few minutes later he has her belly laughing like a maniac.

I simply walk away from her, and she is inconsolable for 5 minutes...nothing I do can create that laugh.

-sigh- A mother's burden ;)

(Doesn't it just melt your heart, though? I watch them together and I am so incredibly glad they have each other. Even when they fight. I just can't get enough of that sibling stuff!)

Oh, as if this comment isn't long enough, and I love Lincoln's laugh. It's so deep and manly already. ;)

Greg said...

OK. Now those videos make me want to have another kid. If his daycare didn't cost more than our house payment I might actually consider it.

Colin had better really misbehave tonight so I won't feel so bad about him being an only child!

[Jansi] Anastasia said...

..Indeed, it is quite magical how kids get on sometimes! Best wishes!