Monday, November 05, 2007

some days are just going to be like THIS

I'm throwing in the towel right now. At this very moment, I am waving my white flag surrendering myself to a messy house, laundry mountains and unread e-mails.

I give.
In return, I pledge to have happy children, a happy husband and a little more sleep at night. So, we'll see. One step at a time right?
Since I have finally carved out a little time to blog tonight, my intention isn't to whine about how busy I have been because, Dear God, the day that I'm not busy, my life will be over. Life is just going very fast for all of us. I'm loving every minute of being the mother of two, trying to learn to balance a full time job and some part time hours on the side and try to have a social life somewhere in the middle. The part I do object to is that I just can't seem to find enough hours in the day to blog every night and comment like I would like to. That part stinks and I need to find some middle ground.
Every single day when I think about what I might be posting about to share not only with my readers, but also in my children's' life story, my mind races with 100 different stories and little funny things that randomly take place throughout my day. The problem is, until blogger enables digital voice recording (and I'm not talking about video clips) I just have to keep up the best I know how.
With that said, let me tell you about our weekend.
I hesitated to post this video because for the people who don't personally know us, I don't want you to get the wrong impression of how we're raising our children. For the following clip, don't read anymore into this than necessary. Just in case that isn't enough, here is my disclaimer: My husband is a sportsmen and wildlife hunter. All of his guns are kept in a vault with no access to anyone without a combination. I just don't know what we're going to do with this girl of ours...

In other news, Lincoln nearly scared the life out of me on Saturday. He had pretty much been a little crabapple most of the day until I plopped him down next to his big sis on her little sofa. Elaina was watching a video, I gave Lincoln some teethers and plush toys to play with. For all of 5 minutes, I tried to clean up in the kitchen, right around the corner while peeking in on them frequently. All of the sudden, I heard Lincoln begin to cough in a very high pitched cough that I hadn't ever heard from him. Without hesitating, I rushed into the living room and saw him beginning to distress while coughing. Within seconds, I had scooped out his mouth half of a little silver snap which had come off of his overalls. When I had dressed him earlier that day, the top snap had evidently broken into two halves, one of which I threw away. Apparently, I had a blast of stupid to not realize that there was really nothing holding the other half into his overalls and neglected to pull it out and throw it away. Can you say "idiot?" I still have no idea how he managed to get it into his mouth, but I was ever so thankful that he was just fine and that it wasn't worse. Thank You God! *Notice that the top, left side snappy is missing? I hate these overalls now and it was the first time he ever wore them.

Two more random things I wanted to share... Eric offered me a Mommy Day on Sunday which meant solo shopping for me and a Daddy day with the kids. I tore up the stores in a mere 5 hours! Gotta love the post holiday discounts on Halloween decorations. I am such a bargain shopper, but love holiday crap even more that I have kids to make it fun for.

Finally, about daylight savings time? I'm not sure if we're friends yet. So we fell back an hour. Looking forward to enjoying what should be an extra hour of sleep, but don't know when my children will catch on seeing as though they were both up at 5:30! this! morning!! Hello, did I happen to mention that an extra hour to me means that I could stay up until midnight which was really the old 1:00? Not so much sleep, this girl.

4 Welcome Comments:

Kate said...

Groundhogs-- cute little furry groundhogs? You gotta raise that girl to get prey that's worth something dead. Like cats.

Kate said...

For those of you who don't know about my past/current relationships with cats, I'm more meow than scratch. I'm a librarian that works with people who adore felines and I like to get them riled up. I have a son that worships cats and has turned my affections for the beasts I am most allergic to in all the world in a positive way. Sorry if I offended anyone. I'll keep my cat comments to my own blog.

Laura said...

Kate, you are totally pardoned, I thought it was funny!

The day that Elaina says she wants to shoot cats or anything OTHER than groundhogs, we're going ot have a problem.

As if the "pnk gun" weren't enough. *sigh*

Tracy said...

I must say, I give with the house and laundry, but I am steadfast with the blogging and emails. My husband signed the family up for a gym membership. Now I feel like I have to go because there is money involved (anything to make me workout I guess), anyway the house, the laundry and the everyday battle with the clutter... I am sorry to say, they have defeated me. Maybe we should start a "my house is super messy, there are no clean clothes, but have a happy family club!"