Wednesday, November 28, 2007

rolliing with it

Short but sweet update...

Our week so far has included Lincoln beginning his three types of medicine to get him healthy. His ringworm ring is hardly visible, his cough has subsided significantly although it is most predominant in the morning hours. (understandably so) And finally, he has given way to smiling again. I even heard some giggling from my favorite boy! Love the giggles! Most of this evening, he was a little temperamental but not full-on crying jags like we experienced over the weekend. Even his appetite is showing improvement as I fed him his bottle at bedtime and he not only drank the entire bottle, but stayed awake and was actually happy. Like, really happy. No fussies, no wanting and no whimpers, just looking around and cuddling close to his mommy. Mmm, nothing beats warm baby cuddles!
Does this picture make anyone else think of "BoxCar Willy," playing her harmonica?

And about Lincoln's big sister. It's been a whole 9 days and it's safe to say that Elaina is officially binky free. Hooray! It looks like from last week's bout of throwing up, she has believed that her binkies are in fact, responsible for making her sick. She is still adjusting to putting herself to sleep without the comfort of her binky but has not asked for it. When bedtime would roll around, back in the days of the binky, the binks would be in place, we would read three books together, say our prayers, hug and kiss and the big girl would roll over and go to sleep. Now that she is binky- free, she stalls by wanting to read 768 books, wants mommy to lay next to her, wants to play pretend anything and doesn't want mommy (or daddy) to leave the room. We only had one binky request while we were staying at my parents' house over Thanksgiving. Elaina woke in the middle of the night and in while still in a little sleepy trance, began to get somewhat hysterical and wanting her binkies. She crawled underneath her toddler bed looking for her lost binkies and pouted and cried until she couldn't stand any longer and crawled back into bed. A 3 minute episode from beginning to end. Not bad. Now what do you suppose I should do with this seize?
And I know that this isn't even all of them. I'm sure that I have some tucked and stashed and hidden, never to take the chance to be without the ever-loving binky. See what kind of addict we were dealing with here?

3 Welcome Comments:

Kelsey said...

Yahoo about the pacis! (Binkies?) When we did it, it took Harper a couple of weeks to get used to going to bed w/out them. Now, a year later, she barely remembers what they are. When she wakes up looking for something in the middle of the night, it's usually her socks.

Glad Lincoln is feeling better.

Tracy said...

One of my favorite pictures of Madison is a picture of her with three pacifiers in her mouth. SHe has the biggest grin because of her accomplishment, you can see it behind all three.

Kate said...

That's my little lover boy. He still looks flushed-- but that smile. I'm so addicted. I loved snuggling his cranky butt last weekend. I'm having an unnatural urge to procreate. Help me-- post something terrible about no sleep or screaming or something.