Monday, November 26, 2007


The evil, dreaded, croup. That's what my poor, little, sweetsie boy has been having to deal with for the past several days.

Oh, Lincoln. Whatever are we going to do with you. I miss your easy going disposition and your easy smiles.

On Wednesday, Lincoln had a cough that seemed to be getting progressively worse. Righ before Thanksgiving weekend. Crap. For days, we had been running the vaporizer, slathering him with baby Vicks, bundling him before going out and practicing general standards of trying to keep our kiddo well. His cough, however, had been telling a different story.

By the time we arrived at my parents' house on Thursday, Lincoln was having miserable coughing fits. The kind of cough from a baby that makes your ears and your heart hurt at the same time and make you feel utterly helpless.

Eric had scheduled an appointment to take Lincoln to the doctor on Monday. By Saturday and many cumulative hours of fussy, horrendous coughing, I could barely stand the wait. Monday couldn't come soon enough to get my baby's symptoms fixed. NOW.

The result of the visit: Lincoln has croup and also, are you sitting down? Ringworm. Gross.

As if the miserable croup cough weren't enough, ringworm? From my 6th grade science class, all I can remember about learning about ringworm is that typically "dirty" people get it. Now I know that's not the case. I had noticed a little, raised circle-y ring on Lincoln's head about 3 weeks ago and was immediately concerned. My solution that seemed to be ridding of the ring was hydrocortizone cream. Whoever would have guessed that it was something much more than I gave it credit for. The doctor stated that he may have gotten it from simply laying on the floor. Friends of mine (clean ones) suggested that most of their kids have also had it at some point or another. He could have even have gotten it from sweating in his hat too much. Who knows?

So, as of immediately, Lincoln is on yet another antibiotic, albuterol (sparingly), a cream for his tiny ring on his head and cough medicine (as needed). Oh my little guy... Please feel better soon. I miss my happy, little guy!

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Kate said...

Poor baby! Colin is sick today, too-- with a bad cough (but big kids don't get croup, right?) And as for the ringworm... eww! Poor kid.

Tracy said...

Seriously, I get the worst mom award. (actually may blog this) My poor Cait has had a cold in her eyes for close to two weeks. I just kept trying to let it "run its course" Guess what?? It is an ear infection. The doc said sometimes when they have ear infections, they can clear the infection in their eyes as well. See why I get the award?
Oh and ringworm.. Yucky.

Charity said...

Ali has had croup 6 times now. Bad new is, once they get it, they are prone to get it. After the first initial dr appt with croup, I learned how to nip it in the bud before it gets worse. It is so not fun. Alison has gotten steroid shots for it when it has been at it's worst. Then beware, after the croup is gone, the runny nose is HORRIBLE for like a week. Poor poor Lincoln, and poor you too. Croup stinks.

Kelsey said...

Oh, poor little guy! I hope he's feeling better soon. It must be difficult on all of you.