Friday, November 02, 2007

Whirlwind Week Wrap Up

And a whirlwind this week was!

Say that 5 times FAST! Betcha can't. (Me either.)
Seriously, this is already Friday? Oh, and I haven't posted since Monday? Wassup with that?
Oh yeah... this week has been insane!

Let me go ahead and pick up where I left off rather abruptly from Monday, since Elaina has been done feeding Lincoln for some time now and I finally let him out of his high chair. (Or did I?) Thanks to everyone who sent Halloween cards to my kids. Lincoln found them to be especially tasty. He really enjoyed the one from his Aunt Jan and Uncle Stan!
Tuesday- The Big Little Brother and the Big Sister
Eric took Lincoln to the doctor for his well baby check up appointment. And shots. The dreaded and necessary shots. HATE. THEM. Eric reported that Lincoln did great and topped the scales at 19.7 pounds. My baby likes him some food, know what I'm sayin'? No wonder my arms feel like their going to break off from my shoulders after 10 minutes of holding/rocking/bouncing/soothing/swaying him when he is fussy. And how does every baby actually know the difference between a parent sitting versus standing when their position and swaddling have not changed? I digress. This night marked the first night Elaina went back to tumbling class for a new toddler session. The greatest part is that her little, best friend Ali was in class with her again after taking a session off. I'm telling you that these little cuties are going to give us Mommies a run for our money someday. They are just adorable together and feed off of each other's energy already. For now, I am loving that about them. I just feel lucky that Elaina (and I) have found great friends in Ali and her mommy. Talk about genuine quality. Lucky us.
Wednesday- Trick or Treat, Part II
Our town held trick or treat from 6-7 with a bonfire in the park to follow. Eric stayed home with Lincoln to pass out candy and collect compliments on the cutest frog ever while I packed an ambitious Elaina in her wagon and ran the streets. As if the weather on Sunday wasn't just a gift in and of itself, the weather this evening was absolute perfection. The temperature was right around 65 with just enough cold in the air to remind you that it's fall and just enough of a breeze to throw on a jacket. No winter coats or raincoats this year. Considering that Elaina has been sick with a cold for the past two Halloween's, this is her first lucky break. I'm just chalking this little gift up to perfection made especially for my kids' first Halloween, respectfully. For the majority of our looting hour, Elaina climbed in and out of her wagon like a champ and even walked up to the houses by herself. I was so much loving that she had a little practice run on Sunday to get the idea of how to do it. After collecting her goodies, she began down the driveway or lawn with her arms outstretched shouting, "I did it Mommy!" With so much pride in her two year old voice, this never got old, even after every single house. After a congratulatory hug or a high five, we moved on until she was no longer willing to make an effort to peel herself out of the wagon. We dumped our stash off at home and headed to the park for the bonfire. Although the costumed kids are expected to circle around the bonfire behind a big rope, for costume judging, Elaina knew that we were right by the playground and begged to go swing. So, what does any good mother do? Leave Daddy with the now-sleeping frog and chase the the furry Pegasus to the swings. 8:30 at night, only the glow from the warm fire and firetruck lights and in full costume, Elaina was swinging, sliding and climbing all over her old friend, "Paygound." Pretty cute.
Thursday- My first Tastefully Simple Show
Actually it was originally scheduled to be a jewelry party and I was invited as an accessory. (Haha) A friend of mine had already booked a home jewelry party and invited guests, yet after learning that I had become a TS consultant, invited me to bring some samples, take some orders and try to get my name out there to some more people in our area. I have to say that this actually worked out pretty well to do a co-show as it gave me a taste of how comfortable I will feel presenting in front of a large group and how efficiently I'll be able to collect orders. So what if her party sales were under $150, I made some commission and got 2 bookings. It was still a good opportunity and still counted as a show. Good all around.

Friday- Good News!
After neglecting my old friend, Keyboard and all of my blog friends all week long, I finally found some time to sit down and check my e-mail and read and comment and obviously write this super, extraordinary, run-on, rambling blog post to soak up the past 10 minutes of your time. So I opened an e-mail from my cousin Logan, only to find out that she has taken the plunge into authoring her own blog about her son Kristopher. WooHoo! I was so excited to see that she actually has published several posts already and is doing a fan-tas-tic job! Heck, she's already figured out how to post pictures, do links and has created and all around great blog for her family to enjoy and share with her amazing son one day. Be sure to click on over to her blog to say hi and welcome her to the wonderful world of blogging! Glad to have you here, Logan!

2 Welcome Comments:

Kelsey said...

Looks like you had many fun Halloween celebrations. I can't believe how big Lincoln is getting -- takes me by surprise every time. They grow so fast.

Logan said...

Thank you so much for welcoming me. I'm certainly glad to be here. You had a busy week but yet you had time to share it with us. I love hearing all about everything. The pictures of Elaina feeding Lincoln are so cute. I hope Kristopher is like that with our second one whenever that time comes. Who knows when that will be. : )