Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Long Enough

It seems as though this week has really been doing a number on me and looking at my calendar, I can hardly see an end in sight.

Aside from my ongoing allergy-bronchitis -hoarsey voice accompanied by a nagging cough, all has been well. Monday, beautiful Monday, we were off work and Eric and I made the executive decision to take the kids to the babysitter's house. I had scheduled 3 doctor appointments for myself and had intended to run errands sometime in the middle. Doesn't it seem like whenever you have big plans and some free time, mixed together, it never really turns out like you would expect? Welcome to my Monday. I really can't complain though because my doctor appointments were mostly check-ups and even one doctor gave me some drugs to chase off this nasty allergy/ bronchial issue that I seem to get plagued with just about every month.
On Tuesday night, Eric joined us at Elaina's tumbling class. She only has one more class until next year and she's finally showing more independence and courage to try new things. My only measure of her comfort level is the number of times she breaks away from the rest of the group to the parent's table in back, just to say that she can't do something. Tuesday was minimal, even though her Daddy was there to impress. After tumbling class, Eric decided we were going out to dinner. I love going to a place where people actually wait on me and bring me food and drinks at my request. I sat in my seat throughout my whole meal. That, and Eric's suggestion of dinner out on a Tuesday night are just notable in themselves.

And that brings us to now. I almost don't want to admit to what I did today. Something I only do occasionally and even have a twinge of guilt about. Okay, since I mentioned it and since you're still reading and since this is the place in which I gush all kinds of other random rants; I stayed home from work today. *GASP* And not because I was too sick to go. *GASP* I think some people refer to that as "hookey." AACKKK!!

Oh, it's true and it was beautiful. It was so great that I'm thinking to myself that I could use tomorrow and the next day off too. But there I go dreaming again. Here's the story. I try to be stingy with my sick leave and my vacation time that I hardly ever splurge without necessity. Mostly, my sometimes-sick kids are necessity enough that I want to use my sick time wisely. But today was different. I took the kids to the sitter's house right on time and went home, and got down to business. Just to preface the rest of this minutia, you may want to know that I may just have a slight case of OCD and/ or anal retentiveness. Whatever you want to call it, other than "freak," which is what my husband so affectionately refers to it as. Basically, I can't sit still and my mind gets upset over seeing a billion little things that need to get done and then the overload factor kicks me in the butt and I feel more than overwhelmed. Get my drift? Now, for my day. I cleaned 2 bathrooms: sicks, toilets, bathtubs, I cleaned 7 inches of dust from my bedroom furniture and dusted throughout the house, cleaned out 2 closets, caught up laundry, put Halloween junk away, cleaned up 3 bedrooms, changed sheets in guest room, did the dishes and put every, little piece of everything back in it's place so it doesn't upset my mind anymore. Apparently, the vacuuming will be left up to Eric, this girl is beat.

It seems as though I did plenty more work by staying home than actually going to work. I have another TS party tomorrow night, Eric will be leaving this weekend for hunting season in WV and next week is already Thanksgiving in which I'll be headed out of town with the two munchkins and the dog. Oh, and then we have company coming for the following weekend. Leading into all of this, my anal-retentive mind feels like I actually have a handle on things before I get too entirely busy and I just short-circuit.
There you have it. If you're still reading, you deserve some pictures! I'm going to bed now. Remember? I'm sick.

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