Tuesday, December 11, 2007

And Here We Are Again...

Did anyone think that I left you with my last post of the year? Maybe that I linked you my Christmas offering and called it quits because it took me forever to get back to you?

Nah. We just had a weekend. And with a weekend, comes a new ailment to the W. family. But before I get to that, let me tell you about the fun we had with Grandma and Grandpa W. when they came to visit overnight on Friday.

Upon waking up to snow and freezing ice on Friday morning, I was worried that their visit may be cancelled. However, with some persistence and waiting out the worst of the weather, they arrived at our house safe and sound before I had even made it home from work. They kindly treated us to dinner to celebrate my birthday and Eric's upcoming birthday and gave us a night off from cooking and cleaning up. Much of Saturday we spent hanging around the house while Grandma and Elaina found some time to play beauty shop. Grandma had painted Elaina's finger nails and toe nails to match and even gave her a bath. Talk about pampering! Lincoln was just about as good as a baby can be pretty much the whole weekend. Both kids filled their quota of spoiling and full attention while their Grandparents were here. A pretty great visit for all of us!

By the time Sunday rolled around, it was back to plain 'ol mom and dad for entertainment value once again. I had the bright idea of suckering, er, um, inviting my beloved husband with me to finish up some Christmas shopping and enjoy a nice family afternoon out and grab some lunch at our favorite pizza place. He consented with the stipulation that we could go anywhere I wanted to go, as long as we were home, in the door, sitting on the sofa by the time the Steelers game was on. Okay. Trust me when I tell you that Eric volunteering his shopping services is a rare gift indeed. My head began to hurt when I could already see that it just wasn't going to be Elaina's day when she started acting out before 9 a.m. even rolled around. Not that she was necessarily bad, but you can just tell when your kid is in one of those moods. We were totally rolling the dice when we still proceeded with our shopping trip, knowing full well that we would be overlapping Elaina's regular nap time. Gambling, I tell you.

Our day went reasonably well even if it was pouring down rain at one point while we raced in and out of the stores. All Elaina could do is look forward to the next puddle that her parents would forbid her to jump in. Since we hadn't had much success on a whole, we threw in the towel and headed home. Elaina fell asleep in the truck almost immediately. Lincoln was great the entire day and almost made us forget that he was with us. That is, with the exception of heaving a combined Lincoln weight and car seat weight of nearly 30 pounds with every in and out of the stores. He was just good. It helped that we had a nice long sit down, playtime, baby food-eating session planned early into our day.

Just for the record, we were home before the Steelers kicked off. Even if it wasn't televised here.

Fast forward to last night. Eric and I ordered our Christmas cards together. Oh. My. Goodness. Let me just start by saying that we have been trying to capture the most perfect pose of a 2 year-old and 7 month old (together) for nearly a week. Here's just a sampling of what we've gotten to choose from. Of course, I'm sharing the one's that didn't win the picture perfect prize of being selected. Next year has to be easier. Right?

Hand down, please Lincoln. Check out the cardboard Elaina-doll Santa got me.
Okay, give me your two-year old version of the best picture ever!
Yes, she did knock Lincoln over. Yes, she is laughing her head off because of it.
Cute pose, now where was that camera that I was supposed to look at?

First attempts were for formal poses, however Lincoln ate all of the ornaments before we could finish.
I love the sweet cheeks on baby-brother-sweater-vest. Can someone find me some chubby baby-brother-legs to pinch too?

2 Welcome Comments:

Tracy said...

OMGoodness, those are the cutest outfits EVER! I laughed out loud with the picture where all you can see is Lincoln's feet.

Oh and about it getting easier next year...DON'T HOLD YOUR BREATH! 2 and 4 didn't work didn't work well for us.

Anonymous said...

Love, love, loved the pictures! And best news of all this time I was able to enlarge and save them to my computer. Yea!!!!