Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Gift Giving

I am so into the spirit of Christmas so much right now that I could quite possibly burst! I'm not saying that I have all of my shopping done just yet, nor is a single gift wrapped and we haven't even finished hanging our Christmas lights outside. Yet. But that's not what really matters this year. This year I am looking forward to celebrating Christmas magic with my children and am totally loving that we have already received the best gift of all in Lincoln becoming part of our family this year.

Do you want to know what else really matters? Laughter!

Let me help do my part to make you laugh today. From our family to yours, click here!

Now, do your best and spread the cheer by doing your own! Just don't forget to share!

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Kelsey said...

Very fun! I have been trying to "elf" us for two days, but the computer keeps pooping out on the last photo. . . You MIGHT see it on our blog one of these days.

Oh, I'm such a bad blog friend, a belated happy birthday to you!!!