Monday, August 20, 2007

I'm a Cool Mom!

Here's a fun story for your amusement-

Like every other morning, during our morning rush out of the house to get the kids to the sitter's house, Elaina stops to pick a little blue flower to take to Nancy. Honestly, I can't believe that there is even a flower there day after day since Elaina picks them all. So, this morning was no different. Elaina picks her flower to take to Nancy, we pull in her driveway and Elaina is poking around her carseat looking for her flower. I find it and show it to her, stating that her flower is "Right HERE" and "Let's go." Elaina seems oblivious to this new development and continues to poke around, wasting time and ignoring me in her seat. I finally raise my voice and announce with a little more authority, "Elaina! Let's go! Your flower is here- we have to go!"

At this point, I am unbuckling her from her carseat belt and digging for her arms buried in the seat cushion. As I pick her up from her seat, in a perplexed tone, Elaina says to me, "OkayOkay Mommy, JustChillOut." Plain as day. My daughter told me to "Chill out."

I asked her, "Did you just tell Mommy to chill out?"

Not knowing if this was the right answer, she buried her head into my shoulder and softly said, "Yes."

I had to turn her around and put her feet on the ground as I began to laugh to myself in disbelief. Oh, she wasn't in trouble. It was too funny to even respond to her in any way.

One might be lead to believe that some parent may advise Elaina to "chill out" occasionally when she strikes up her fragile drama queen attitude. Hmm... is that possible?

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