Monday, October 29, 2007

Little Mommy

Now we all know that Elaina claims that she's not a baby anymore. However, we still call her "Baby" and she is apparently so used to it that she lets us slide. Whew! Relief.

Lately though, she has told me that she is the Mommy and I am the daughter and "Nincoln" is the baby. ("Winkin" has been replaced by Nincoln and Lincoln.) Knowing that she plays all day with other little girls at the babysitter's house, I know that she has learned role playing from pretending with them. Again, I just love seeing her imagination at work.

As the Mommy of the house, it was Mommy's job to feed the hungry baby. And the hungry baby was willing to eat imaginary baby food served off of Elaina's tea party spoon. I'm just going to guess that it didn't have quite the same flavor when the "Little Mommy" prepares it. Just a hunch.

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