Saturday, February 09, 2008

Change of plans

And yes, this week was a train wreck of ailments and could the timing of a Tastefully Simple conference be any worse?


I had registered to attend a training conference for my little side job for this weekend. The training was actually being held on Friday and Saturday, but I had only intended on participating on Saturday. I was actually looking forward to it. My plan was to drive down after work on Friday and stay with my brother and S-I-L overnight to be closer to the site of the conference. By Friday afternoon, I had developed the closest thing to a migraine I have ever had. Because I felt completely nauseous, I couldn't decide if it was migraine-sick or flu- sick. Regardless, I cancelled my plans with Greg and Kate and forfeited my registration for the conference. Really, who wanted a flu-infecting machine within 10 feet of them anyhow? I forgot to mention that the other reason that Eric stayed home with the kids on Friday is because the babysitter had ironically, come down with the flu. Hmmm.

Thanks for the offer of a weekend raincheck Greg and Kate! I'll look forward to seeing you guys when we can all have some fun and not worry about gambling with the flu.

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Kate said...

Turns out all was for the best. Sickky Colin barfed on Saturday and then was really sick Sun and Mon. We'll see you when everyone is healthy. Easter perhaps?