Sunday, February 03, 2008

Cutie Crawler

It's happened.

Lincoln-Dinkin-Do is a full fledged crawler!

Since last Thursday when Lincoln made his first crawling attempt, exactly one week passed until he got the full motion of his crawl this past Thursday evening. Oh, and can I just tell you how cute it is to see him go? I don't know what it is or how to explain it but I marvel at him crawling. Maybe it's because it's a whole new segment in his life. Another "first" that he has achieved and a milestone in his development. Or maybe it's because he is so stinkin' cute getting around on his hands and knees while he lifts his chin upward to flash those big blue eyes and rosey cheeks. My boy.

Being that one whole week has also passed since Lincoln burned his finger, I just wanted to report that the blistered skin has since peeled off and the bright red, raw, exposed skin has finally toned down with some healthier tone and color. His fingertip, near his cuticle is still a little scabbed and tender, but on the whole, I'm pleased that it has healed so nicely and without infection.

Can you even believe that there is even one more grand slam update on my little Lincoln? How about 2 new teeth? Oh. My. Cute. Much of Thursday (his first crawling night) he was fussy, clingy and irritated. I noticed immediately upon coming home from work because he was so much out of his norm. He looked a little more slobbery and upset and I knew right away to look for some new teeth. Imagine my surprise when I felt and saw one little crown of his top right tooth and a trace amount the pearly dot which is about to make way through his gums providing his top left tooth. Needless to say, Lincoln's next two days pretty much consisted of Tylenol, teething tablets and much rest to keep the crankies at bay.

Just so this whole post isn't all about my favorite boy in the whole world, I'll give you a little update on Elaina's potty training. It stinks. Potty training in general stinks and having an otherwise bright, communicative daughter relapse when she was doing so great, stinks even more. That alone is the most frustrating by far. She's been wearing pull-ups throughout the day and I know our sitter is a great motivator to get her to take potty breaks. She can do do both "duties" in her throne and we've been going strong on reinforcement and the calendar/sticker reward method. When she has an accident, Eric and I express our disappointment (only briefly, not dwelling) and move on reminding her that she can do it and it's easy and she must try harder next time to keep her pull-up dry. So now what? We make her sit on the potty often and even when she says she doesn't want to, she still has success. But today, she even dropped a load in her pull-up 15 minutes after Eric tried to get her in the bathroom. I'm trying to let her do this at her own pace, but I'm beginning to wonder if her "pace" will get more lax and careless if we're not doing something we should be doing. Any suggestions?

*Oh yeah, and we have the little girl potty books about Prudence and Hannah and the stickers and the reward destination and the pep talks and... what am I missing?

What are we missing?

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Talkin' Bout Books said...

Next weekend I think we're trying the naked boy approach with Colin. He totally knows when he's going, but he'd rather do it in diapers. What's up with that?

Kate said...

Oops-- that was me still logged in to my work blog. Sorry!

Charity said...

What did it for Ali was putting big girl panties on her. When she accidentally peed in her pants she freaked out. I let her wear them for about 10 minutes and she felt the wetness and cried. We haven't had any accidents since. Buy Elaina some favorite character panties. They hate to get them dirty!

Kelsey said...


I am no potty-training expert, but if you want to chat about it (I have LOTS of theories!) why don't you email me, or I can even give you my # and you can call. I have too much to say to leave it in the comments! Let me know if you are interested in my 2 cents.

My general advice is, hang in there!

Tracy said...

The naked baby theory worked great (twice) for us. I the girls went naked ONE afternoon and they got it. I will say that I have heard that when kids have pull ups on, they can't tell between the difference. We went full up on underware. But one time down the leg and she probably won't like the feeling. Play in the kitchen for easy clean up. That is my two cents. It worked twice for us. Good luck!