Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Expensive Dirt

Totally off the subject of kids and family and good stuff... I want to rant about ignorance. Just for tonight. Trust me, you're eyes would wobble right out of their sockets and sizzle onto your keyboard if I even attempted to delve into any more than this.

So I live in Ohio. February is winter in Ohio. Winter brings snow, slush, slop, salt and dirt onto our roadways. If you're driving in Ohio in winter, one might be inclined to think that their vehicle may be susceptible to this slush, slop, dirt and salt splattering onto one's vehicle. Easy to figure out, right?

There is a particular non-blog-reading individual who shall remain nameless that complains incessantly that her car is just "so dirty." Day after day, "Oh, my car is just so dirty!" Whatever will she do with a dirty Ohio car in February? Poor thing.

Well, this same individual has taken her car through the car wash approximately three times within the past 10 days in temperatures under 20 degrees to get her car clean. Do you know what this means? Is having some salt and slop cleaned off your car for the distance that it takes her to get back on the road and into her driveway really worth risking your windshield cracking in the freezing cold temperatures? Let's not forget the fact that she will probably have to wait until the spring thaw to get her doors unfrozen. And unless you don't plan on driving that car until May, is 3 times in 10 days even practical? And is she judging me on my slush and slop and salt covered vehicle because I am entirely too practical to waste my money on a 5 minute shiny car?

Does anyone else's face crunch up in disbelief or is it just me?

My practical-frugal self believes that your winter coat and gloves are much easier to wash than a 25,000 pound salt magnet. But who asked me? Deal.

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