Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Picture Tuesday

Well lookey here... my old friend, Blogger returned from it's little function-strike now allowing me the ability to post pictures. Sure hope that I do my own proofreading since spell check still doesn't seem to be a working part of their contract. Hmmph.

Let's see, I'm just about a week behind in pictures and have a few fun ones I've wanted to share. First up, we have my sick darling daughter on her first day of her miserable flu. I took this only to show you that this was just about all she did the entire day. Poor thing was so frail and weak that she could hardly sit up. Let me just tell you how helpless I felt as I could only have her puke bowl ready when she was. Yeah, that was a bad day.

The following day, after Elaina had gotten some meds in her, she prepared a tea party with her very favorite guest, Lumberjack Linc. He seemed to be disappointed that there was no real food in any of the bowls but pretended with an open mouth anyhow. Just in case. Elaina loves her baby lumberjack brother. So, you know all of the not-so-cute-hand-me-down-clothes that you sometimes get from family or friends? Yeah, um, save some in each size. Over the course of this sickness with both kids, I did more laundry than a hotel and changed no less than 5 Lincoln outfits in a day. When the kids yak or blow out a not-so-cute-hand-me-down garment, it's just a little easier to take than the ultra-cute-froo-froo-paid-real-money-for-outfit that you bought in a real store. Just sayin'. Oh, and that's also the reason that Elaina's outfit doesn't match.
Now. Really. This next picture makes me smile, laugh and cringe all at the same time as Lincoln really seems to fit the roll of a beefy, heavy equipment operator working on a construction site. All he needs is a beat up, old John Deere hat and a thermos and he's set!
(To Lincoln: You can be anything you want to Baby. Just run it passed your mommy first, mmkay?
Finally, the price you pay for being the little brother. Big Sister made this little nest for Lincoln and really thought it would be a good place for him to take a nap. I don't know about him, but I totally would have gotten some beauty rest in that mountain of pillows and warmth. Just don't think I would have fit in quite as snuggly.
Tomorrow is half-a-dozen-video day! Ooh, I know you can't wait!

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grandma h. said...

Great pictures and I can hardly wait to see a video of Lincoln crawling. I don't know what is different but this time I could enlarge everyone of your pictures. Grandma H.