Sunday, February 17, 2008

Butterflies and Buffets

This weekend brought a relaxing visit from my parents. We didn't have a single plan other than to sit around and enjoy each other's company and play with my little curtain climbers. Well, that's not entirely true. There's hardly a time where either my mom or myself decide we better go shopping for nothing that we need. Hey, she's my mom, what can I say. (Oh, except that Elaina asks if we can go shopping now.) (Oops.)

The mall that we like the most has a great (and new) (and clean) children's play area which Elaina loves and Lincoln was able to explore for the first time. It was so nice to see both kids enjoy the same experience in the same setting in such different ways. With Lincoln being the professional crawler and stander-upper that he is, he thought he was hot stuff getting around all on his own. As for Elaina, she already knows the lay of the land and made friends like it was her job. We looked to catch glimpses of her flitting throughout the play area like a social butterfly.This mall also has the greatest Chinese Buffet restaurant ever. I've made mention before that buffets are the way to go for us to accommodate the very strict menu selections of Picky Pickerson. This restaurant offered Picky Pick pizza, garlic bread, chocolate pudding and ice cream. It's like they knew she was coming. And Little Man Lincoln ate his first full meal made up entirely of table food. No baby food fixin's for this 9 month old. He ate three types of pudding, some dough from a dinner roll and a full medley of other tantalizing soft foods. Yum! He was pretty good about raking in his own food supply by hand with intermitten spoonful helpings from myself and grandma across the table.

There's really no need to report on my 7 trips to the buffet for myself alone. Nope. Scratch that information.

Anyhow, our weekend was great, our shopping trip was fun and my parents were such a help for me to get some things caught up around the house without fully neglecting my children. Thanks for a great weekend visit Mom and Dad.

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Anonymous said...

That play area is the best. Elaina knew what to do right away and started to run and climb. For Lincoln, it was all brand-new stuff. You could just see him checking it out. Then he realized he could play there and he started to laugh and crawl. I can foresee many fun trips to the play area while Mommy shops.Grandma H.