Monday, February 25, 2008

Enough Fluff Update

It's been a while since I've noted some recent breaking news developments with both Elaina and Lincoln. So, let's get to it.

As for Miss Lullabelle (aka: Elaina), Eric and I were just about our wits end with trying to get this child potty trained as of last week. There were times where she would be doing so well and tell us when she needed to potty. Following that was the "I will only potty if I am forced to" stage. And then there were those times when she would wet her pull-up and think that a sappy "Sorry Mommy" with mournful eyes would be enough to cover her lapse in getting to the potty.

Urg. Can you say: frustrating?With yesterday's post, you can see that she has made a substantial turn around in her feelings toward excrement. Today was another successful dry-pull-up day and my hope that we'll have another uneventful weekend ahead of us for her to spend some more time in panties. Do you even know how much this excites me? Let me tell you, the day that I only have to cover one butt in diapers and Lincoln no longer is dependent on formula, we will be rolling on the dough! Well, not really, but c'mon, that's about $50 a month back in our pockets. Okay, so this post isn't about frugal, old me rejoicing in saving money. No.
How about Lincoln. I'm just happy to have his stinky little butt to diaper and his hungry little belly to feed. You really can't put a price tag on that, now can you?
Mr. Lincoln is now a crawling maniac. And like his big sis, crawling and cruising happened within only a few days of each other. He pulls himself up onto everything and has developed a great fondness for standing and taking in the sights from his almost 25 inch prospective. He continues to be a very serious and cautious little guy and loves to flip over the edges of area rugs to see what surprises may await him. While I don't so much know what triggered his passion for flooring, I feel that it's safe to say that his carpet flipping and edge raising have revealed no great surprises as of yet. He keeps trying. Currently Lincoln is working on learning to wave bye-bye and play pat-a-cake. Often times we take him by the hand with his arms raised and walk him around. While doing this, I almost get the sense that he doesn't even need me acting as his training wheels, but he won't let go. Lately, Lincoln has decided he doesn't so much even care for baby food. One evening, he cried every time I tried to feed him a bite of baby food and was only happy when I offered him bites of rice from my plate. For several meals now, I have been made to (as directed by the Yeller) place a solid food item, such as a morsel of bread atop his baby food in order for it to be accepted. This would be an easy deal if the aforementioned child would grow more than 4 teeth to let me know that he's not going to choke and die on the food he hollers for. From my plate. And let it be known that this is the same kiddo who still is happy as a lark to allow someone else to hold his bottle while he's drinking. Goofball.
And about this Little Guy's schedule. While we're entering that exciting stage of "mooching solid foods," his schedule has become slightly out of whack too. We try to see that he's getting his fill at dinnertime of both baby food and a fair amount of food-food without overfeeding him and more importantly, not starving the kid. Through all of this, I can pretty much swear that Lincoln is going through his latest growing spurt. He requires a late afternoon nap that we interrupt no longer than one hour through and he's been waking several times after we put him down at 9:00. He'll chug another bottle even if it's only 2 hours later. This isn't typical of him and our hope is that this too shall pass.
And while I'm on the subject of growing... Lincoln is currently growing out of his 12 month clothes (at 9 months old), Elaina has grown out of 3/4 of the shoes she owns and my hair is going to begin to grow like crazy since I just got it cut last Tuesday. And the fact that I like it.... it's going to grow like wildfire. My life.

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