Thursday, April 17, 2008

From the mouths of Babes

It was all of yesterday that I announced to Elaina that Mommy and Daddy have had enough of the food battles at each and every mealtime. Her Elaina- approved menu choices continue to be minimal to say the least and it's hard to feel good about serving her grilled cheese and pizza bites day after day.

Over dinner last night, there were no dinner battles because there was no change. Totally off the cuff, I mentioned to her that once she turns 3, there will be no more Elaina-exclusive menu options and that she will have to eat what Mommy and Daddy are eating because she needs to eat like big kids do. Pretty clever if I do say. Having a pre-established date of when something new is going to go into effect seems to work with Elaina and we plan to take full advantage of the magical 3rd birthday while we're at it.

And there we were at dinner tonight when Elaina chided in about how her pizza bites were so yummy for her tummy. I told her that my green beans were even yummier for tummies. With that, she said "But Mommy, I'm only 2. I'm not 3 yet." Little stinker. The good thing is that at least I know that turning 3 actually has some bearing in her mind of taking on a new challenge of eating different food. I guess I'll be eating green beans on my own for another 2 months.

But the joy of having two kids is that Lincoln ate loads of green beans and has a healthy appetite for whatever we're eating. Just don't serve that kid baby food. He's recently adjusted to drinking regular milk and water from a sippy cup and always wants to hold his own spoon. Not so much on the sippy. What gives?

And the best for last, Lincoln learned to say hi tonight. During his bath, he would climb onto his feet, pop his head over the side of the tub and say "hiiii." Oh. So. CUTE! Since you couldn't be there, let me just tell you that Lincoln's current pronunciation is rather flamboyant, like a short and high pitched "Hh-iee." Oh does he make me laugh! How I wish every night could be like this.

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Kate said...

Good idea with the food! I've seen some kids do well with a "veggie challenge" chart where they get a sticker for trying a bite of a veggie. We don't do that. Maybe we should. But Colin eats a variety of things--WHEN he eats. (An equal opportunity faster).