Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Profiles in the art of remembering

The downfall about blogging about 2 kids is sometimes getting the feeling that I'm giving one kid more blog time stories more than the other. Since I'm not keeping tally marks next to my keyboard, I just have to write about what's current and act on giving them individual attention in real life. As of late, I've been having those kind of days that I just wish I had a little video recorder or tape player in my head that I could just turn on to remember what super cute thing that Lincoln did or the goofy little ideas that Elaina comes up with. Once the kids are in bed, a reasonable amount of housework has been accounted for and my lunch is packed for the next day, I finally get myself to the computer and my mind is



So, while I can't recount the very most specific funnies of my day, I do think that's it's time for a little profile refresher for Elaina and the first profile of Lincoln.

Here we go:
Name: Elaina

Alias: LuluBelle, Lu, LuLee, Laina, Angel, Sweetheart, Baby, Bootie

Strengths: good conversationalist, potty trained, loving big sister, especially charming and sensitive, outstanding memory
Could Use a Little Work: just eat ALREADY!, no more clobbering little brother, listen to parents the first time rather than ignoring, ignoring, ignoring

Talents: can curl her tongue, can wink with one eye, can play acrobat by teetering between two pieces of furniture, can turn on the charm at the bat of an eye

General characteristics: smart, funny, sensitive, loving, caring

Funniest Saying: " I get two. Because I'm two."

Aspirations: wants to go to school

Biggest Fans: Mommy and Daddy
Name: Lincoln

Alias: Angel Boy, Turdlette, Linky, My Baby Boy

Alias as dubbed by the Big Sister: Lincoln-Doo, LincolnDeeDee, Baby

Strengths: professional crawler, loves to be loved, will crawl across the room for a hug, will eat anything, sleeps through the night, will entertain himself by playing with toys for long periods of time ( for a baby, that is)

Could Use a Little Work: be a little less stingy with those sweet smiles, stop throwing food from highchair, eliminate the occasional 4 a.m. wake up time for a bottle, crying at the top of your lungs is not necessary
Talents: blowing raspberries, learned to clap hands, can hold bottle (although prefers not to) stands alone, can take two steps unassisted

General characteristics: cautious, serious, toy boy, loves to be held, healthy appetite, mostly contented

Words: MammaMammaMamma, DaddaDaddaDadda, Uh-Oh

Aspirations: wants to break those pesky one year molars in and his eye tooth in without incident, hopeful member of Hair Club for Tots

Biggest Fans: Mommy and Daddy

2 Welcome Comments:

Anonymous said...

Oh, my! they are BEAUTIFUL. you are truely blessed. i haven't checked in for a while, so i can not believe how they both have grown. marianne

Logan said...

The pictures are beautiful. I think you are doing a wonderful job balancing the blogging with two children. I'm sure I'll have the same problem in a few years. : ) Much love and miss everyone.