Sunday, April 27, 2008


The good news is that Lincoln is good. I can't quite say that we've reached a point that we're out of the woods of concern only because we've still been treating his fever. Overnight, he woke up screaming at 3:00 with a temperature of 103F. After some more meds, a bottle and some rocking he felt significantly cooler to the touch within a short time.

Today, Lincoln's temperament was more like his usual self and still stingy with his smiles. Throughout him not feeling well, his appetite never suffered. That's my boy! He played and took an almost 3 hour nap today. Oh, the life...

As for Lincoln's big sister. Whoa, she's been a pistol.

Elaina did get a nap today. Not particularly long, but rest nonetheless. Lately she has been just cracking me up. Just to hear the mature thoughts of an almost 3 year old roll from her mouth in such innocent humor. She just makes me laugh.

Here is some excerpts from our day that I can hardly do them just as you just needed to be there...

Preparing Lunch:
Laura: Elaina, can you believe that Daddy went out to lunch without us?
Elaina: I know! We can go to McDonald's!!! *squeal*
Laura: But we went out to dinner last night and we ran out of money for today.
Elaina: *pause* I know! I know! I got money in my room! Daddy, you have some. Momma, you have some. And then we can go to the other ice cream store too!!
Laura: Are you talking about the money from your piggy bank? You can't spend that!

Lunch conversation:
Eric: How did this loaf of bread get all smashed?
Elaina: I didn't do it. Maybe the Easter Bunny did it!
Laura: Oh yeah, just like the Easter Bunny came and ate our cake at Easter time.
Elaina: Yeah Mommy! We'll have to shoot 'em!
Eric: Elaina, we can't shoot the Easter Bunny.

During Lunch:
*Justifying my indulgence of Tastefully Simple salsa as my accompanying vegetable**
Laura: I think I'm going to have some salsa as my veggies for the day. Do you (Eric) want any?
Elaina: Save some vegetables for me Mommy for when I turn three.
(I have her hooked on the "Eat new foods when your 3 kick!!)

Post Lunch:
*Struggling with getting Elaina to eat her lunch*
Laura: Elaina, how about if I sell you to the gypsies and they can return you when you turn three and you can eat then?
Elaina: Okay.
Laura: Alright then, it's time for your nap.
Elaina: No Mommy, I don't wanna take a nap. I wanna go with the jippies.

After Nap:
Elaina: Mommy? What"s that word? Oh yeah! Stinky diaper Bay-Bee! HAHAAHAHA!
**Repeat** Repeat** Repeat** Repeat** Repeat**

Oh if I just had a little microphone. She was actually a riot. Another instance of "You just had to be there."

2 Welcome Comments:

Kate said...

Let me know if you find the jippies. They've been looking for Colin. And don't tell grandma and grandpa-- but we sorta call them the jippies. *tee hee*

Kelsey said...

I'm glad things with Lincoln are looking up -- poor little guy. High fevers are so scary.

Elaina makes me laugh -- I think she and Harper could stir up some trouble together.