Monday, April 21, 2008

Wow Weekend!

Another weekend, another excuse to spend money! Oh, and that we did!

For several months, Lincoln has been in dire need to make the transition from his infant carrier into a regular car seat. I'm actually embarrassed to admit that we waited this long to move him from his infant carrier, but I have a lot of good excuses, just in case you want to hear any of them. So, for the past 3 months, I have been researching car seats in hopes of finding the exactly perfect seat for our kids, knowing we don't have a spare $400 sitting around and recognizing that this new seat will have to last through Elaina and then Lincoln. The plan was to buy two (one per vehicle) new seats for Elaina and move Lincoln into her old seats. We set aside Saturday as the day that we were buying. With a hot tip from a friend, we got 2 awesome seats, a great buy and won't have to make another seat purchase until Elaina is probably 5 or 6. We did it!

I was looking forward to this morning since it was our first ride with Lincoln facing forward (he's 3 weeks from turning the magic age of 1 and he's already over the weight restriction) and with Elaina in her new seat. Oh how I love to see both of my munchkins sweet little faces when I look in the back seat. Lincoln was so cute as he just sat for the whole 4 minute drive to the sitter's house, sucking his thumb and looking out the window. Although that's probably what he always did, I got to see him. Hey, it doesn't take much to thrill me, what can I tell you?

Also over this weekend, Lincoln began to take unassisted, un-coaxed steps all by himself! He's been cruising along the furniture for months now, but recently began to take steps from point A to Point B. I love watching his pride in his short, quick little three step endeavor. He is so happy with himself.

And since you're already here, I thought you might enjoy some pictures that I finally uploaded from my camera. I think it's apparent what a good weekend we had... no explanations necessary.

Stick around, tomorrow night is video posting night! Bring the cracker jack and your catcher's mitt... it's time to play ball!

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