Sunday, April 06, 2008

The Picture Flood

It's been too long since I've posted any pictures of the kids so you know what that means?

Oh yeah... roll of your sleeves, we're having a picture flood over here.

Narration above. Enjoy the flood!

Warning: This is what too much Easter candy will do to your kid.

The first nice day of spring which may actually be enough to make me think that winter really is coming to an end.

Although it looks like Lincoln is hitching a ride with his big sis, it's really just a clever angled shot. She wasn't about to let that baby on her bike anyhow. My son-shine! I didn't think it could have been possible for Eric to love Elaina any more than he does until he discovered that she likes to play in the dirt. And pick up rocks. And be outside. Aaah! Ain't love grand? I just love that she's wearing her sparkley glitter shirt to play in the dirt. Atta' Girl! Any time now Baby Lincoln. He is going to be walking before we know it! Oh, and he looks so cute pushing his Tonka truck!Here are the kids watching the Max and Ruby on the Dinosaur (t.v.). Those were the olden days. Literally. And why does every kid feel the necessity to sit approximately 5.5 inches from the screen? Not any more!!! Now they get to stand 5.5 inches from the big screen! We went from having a dinosaur molding into the corner of our living room to Godzilla towering over our heads with intimidation. Wow!

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Kate said...

Very very nice! Now you need to watch Cars. Seriously, Eric will love that movie.