Sunday, April 13, 2008

Husband Prote'ge'

So if you've been a reader of this little 'ol blog of mine, you could be pretty accurate in guessing that my husband easily has the busiest schedule of the two of us. Just in case you wondered (yeah right) Eric was scheduled to work out of town again this week. Uh, I think this makes 3 out of 4 weeks he's had to travel for work. The only redeeming fact that made this week different is that he was only driving to Cleveland and he commuted each day to be able to spend more time here than alone in a hotel room. Good Daddy!

Needless to say, busy weeks very much affect my blogging time. Which I hate. And since I made the decision to sleep versus blog most nights, you get the weekend recap.

Eric's busy week concluded on Thursday just in time to pick up the kids from the sitter's house and I was able to attend my monthly Tastefully Simple meeting. Consultant meetings are not required but encouraged to build support, encouragement and exchange information and training. I look forward to them since I have a little time to squeeze in some kid free shopping between work and meeting time. Plus, I have found the meetings to be enjoyable and fulfilling. Bonus! A good night indeed.

Remember how my friends and I launched our monthly Bunco girls' night last month? This month was my turn to host 11 other girls at our house on Friday night. I can't even begin to tell you what an enjoyable time we had together. Everyone made snacky-junk food and we sipped whiskey sour slushes and laughed and ate and laughed some more. Oh, and we played Bunco too. Great fun! And since Bunco actually doesn't take that long to play, (especially if you skip the practice rounds for the new girls and skip the half hour eating intermission) everyone was out the door at a reasonable hour and my guests were kind enough to clean up AND leave me some snackies. Makes me want to host every month!!

By the way, is everyone following me here? Two Laura-nights in a row!!! And wait, there's more!

I had been looking forward to Saturday morning to hit up a kid's consignment sale (actually 2 of them) to scrounge up some good deals on clothes for my ever- growing kids. I wouldn't say I hit the jackpot of luck, but walked away with some cute clothes without dumping a lot of money. Definitely worth my time. More Laura time!

By the time I finished my shopping, I had enough time to sit down and eat lunch with my family before I had to roll on out to work a Tastefully Simple party. I was going to a host's house of whom I briefly met at an expo I did and didn't really know what to expect. I am pleased to report that the host and her guests were so much fun, so nice and made my whole experience utterly delightful. Really! The best part is that I felt so comfortable and actually felt like I was doing a good job. That was my biggest reward of the day. And even though the show total wasn't good, I've established a nice little branch of new customers who have lined up 3 more shows for me. Not bad for a fun afternoon and earning some cash on the side.

In all of my rush and my busy schedule, guess who stayed at home with the kids? You got it! Daddy! It was as if Eric and I had switched roles for a few days. Usually, I'm the one cramming my weekends with housework and kid time while Eric is doing his who-knows-what Eric-stuff, but not this time. Trust me, by the time this evening rolled around, Eric was itching to get out of the house before cabin fever set in. I loved that we did a little role reversal in allowing me the busy weekend while he played Mr. Mom. Although these weekends are rare, I welcomed the independence of going and doing, but really missed squeezing my kids and pressing my kisses into their heads. All said, I'll continue complaining about Eric being gone and the mounting laundry and unswept floors but wouldn't trade my time with my kids for much of anything in this world.

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