Saturday, April 26, 2008

Too hot to handle

Some days it's all I can do to remind myself that life is short, time is precious and kids grow up too fast. I keep thinking that the busy days and nights that we can't seem to escape won't last forever.

Things won't always be this way, I tell myself. One day I'll rest easy.

And then something like the events of Friday night come and smack me in the face and I regain perspective that all that's right in my world begins with the safety and happiness of my children. Throw all of the other "busy" out the door. It all began on Thursday night when Lincoln seemed somewhat feverish at bedtime and then woke the next morning burning up with a 103.8 fever. My baby boy felt like he had been sleeping on hot coals rather than his fleecy crib nest. Since I'm mostly out of sick time at work, and Eric was already out turkey hunting, I put him on notice to pick the kids up from the sitter's house as soon as he could, just to keep a close eye on Lincoln. By the time I arrived home later that evening after a hair appointment, Lincoln was happily playing, eating and drinking just fine. Eric had given him a bath (and meds) to quench his latest fever.

By the time Lincoln finished his bedtime bottle and fell asleep on his Daddy's chest, Eric asked me to take his temperature because he felt even more hot that before. Child's temperature reading was 104.8. After a second equally high reading, there was no question and no hesitation that My Baby Boy was headed for the emergency room. I packed a quick bag and kissed my boys goodbye as they backed out of the driveway at 10:30 p.m.

It was midnight before I finally heard from Eric. Apparently, just as they arrived at the ER, Lincoln barfed all over himself and the back seat. He presented in the ER with a reduced fever at 103F. The ER doctors told Eric that Lincoln's ears looked somewhat inflamed and the fever was probably a cumulative effect of a growing ear infection and teething. They gave him a children's dose of ibuprofen, some antibiotics and sent them on their way at 2:00 a.m. The doctor told Eric not to worry too much unless his fever reached 106F. HELLO! He was like a whole number away and we're 30 minutes from the hospital. Our worry kicked in out of pure caution and the realness of the situation. This is one set of parents who aren't willing to gamble on how fast their kids' fever can spike a whole point. I don't regret for a minute that Eric took him to the ER.

I woke him early this morning to check his temperature and dispense some more medicine to halt his fever. Throughout this whole ordeal, he has acted his regular self, maintained his appetite and not expressed any more pain than usual. God, I love this kid.

In other news...

The eldest Girl Child suffered a rare case of No Nap-ititus today. She woke extra early this morning, was given two chances to lay down with each parent and only relented to about 40 minutes. As a result, many battles were waged. Has anyone found MY sweet girl? Anywhere?

Let's just say it was a long day.

Pictures and videos coming soon to a computer near you. Oh, and did I mention I got my hair chopped? hmmm....

2 Welcome Comments:

grandma h. said...

Take good care of our sweet boy. My arms can hardly wait to hold him!! As for our Sweet Elaina, she was just making sure that you did not forget her in all of the fuss about Lincoln. (She probably couldn't nap because of all the worrying going on in your house.

Tracy said...

Coming from a mom who has a child who spikes with every illiness (always 103 and the bad ones closer to 105,) the bathtub is my best friend in those cases. Only my oldest gets fevers like that, but it is super scary none the less. Also, we have a lifetime supply of popsicles for such occurances. SOmetimes we eat them in the tub. THe tub helps bring it down immediately. I totally feel your pain. (take comfort that your husband was home those nights end up happening to me when hubby is on a trip.)