Monday, April 28, 2008

Tally: 914

Oh Lincoln. I'm hoping to be done reporting illness with this child 'o mine sooner than later. This morning, Eric took him to a follow up appointment with our pediatrician as requested by the emergency room doctor. It's a good thing he was scheduled because his fever persisted much of the weekend. Thankfully it only hovered around the 100 degree mark, he's still not fully reclaimed his health as far as I'm concerned.

Dr. Joni gave Lincoln a shot in his thigh to boost the effect of the prescribed antibiotic given to him at the ER. She said that his ears still looked somewhat inflamed and he was growing about 4 big teeth in the process. The tooth part we knew. In the past, I've asked Dr. Joni whether or not there would be consideration of placing tubes in Lincoln's ears. In her opinion, since he had most ear infections in the winter and he was still under a year old she wasn't particularly concerned. With this latest ear infection, I consider it just one more tally mark on his road to tubes in the near future. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a fan of putting my baby through unnecessary medical procedures, but I'm even less of an advocate of multiple rounds of antibiotics to treat ear infections every other month. And let's not forget the cranky baby that comes with that package deal.

Let's hear it for healthy ear canals and some warm sunshine to get my little guy back on track! Come on already!

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