Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Burning a Hole

Remember back in October when I took a leap of faith and signed up to be a Tastefully Simple consultant? Well, I just wanted to report that it’s doing pretty well.

The best thing about being a home-party consultant is that I’m able to create my own schedule, it’s relatively hassle and problem free and I’m directly responsible for my own job satisfaction. Also, there is unlimited money making opportunity; it’s all about the effort I care to put forward.

I consider this little part time job exactly that. Part time. I have the flexibility to work around my schedule and my priorities. There won’t come a time when my family is put out because Mommy is too busy with a second job. Actually I consider this my third job. My family is my obvious and top priority with my full time job in second place.

I guess the whole point of this is that I was checking out my TS checking account last night and actually seeing profit. Real money that I’ve earned on the side that I never had before. While I haven’t exactly decided what I plan to do with my mad-money, I do know that I feel proud to have earned it and that it is a direct result of me being willing to try something new and take a plunge into something completely out of my comfort level.

So now I get to decide if I want to go all nutsy on frivolous, little indulgences or if I should continue to save for let’s say a weekend getaway or vacation.

What would you do with an amount of money between $500 and $1000? Spend? Save? Indulge? Hmmm....

2 Welcome Comments:

Kelsey said...

Ha! Right now I'd buy sleep, or at least extra pain meds, so I'm not sure I'm one to ask your money question of. . .

But I am encouraged by the experience you've had. I have considered getting involved in a business that works in a similar way - when our family is ready - and I'm enjoying hearing about your adventures!

Heather said...

The practical part of me says save or pay bills. The real me says spend! Especially if you can swing a little weekend getaway for 2!