Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Wake-Up Call

Okay, I really don't intend for this post to be all complainy but...

Eric headed out of town for work this evening and won't return until late Thursday. While I'm well aware that is only 2 full days (cumulative) of being a single parent, I tend to stress. When I am running the show single- handedly I like to balance our days and nights like clockwork. I like to ensure that everyone (except for me) (unfortunately) gets to bed on time so we don't have to deal with the a case of the grumpies in the morning. Right now, I have everyone's clothing laying out including diapers, socks and shoes (except for me.) I have breakfast fixings layed out including full sippy cups, bibs and breakfast options for the Picky One. My instant cappuccino is waiting next to my travel mug and my lunch is packed. Now, I just have to NOT turn off my alarm when it goes off at the tender hour of 6:00. I am so much not a morning person. My objective is to ready myself completely before the kids wake and then save the last hour for getting them dressed, fed, packed and out the door. That's my plan anyhow.

It's not very often that Eric has to be out of town during the week, but about every other month, it's a must. I know I shouldn't complain because I have it rather good. The problem is that Eric helps so much in the mornings that I have to challenge myself to be able to do it alone. So, the race is on. Stay tuned to hear more about my compulsive bedtime routine . I never said I wasn't riding the fence of OCD. I so much am.

2 Welcome Comments:

Anonymous said...

Oh Dear Daughter, just admit that you like things organized because then you are in charge. When you are not organized, things like time and people tend to get away from you and you don't know what is happening and have no control. For you OCD is almost a blessing. Grandma H.

Kate said...

*Giggle* Oh Laura-- you crack me up. I have to admit, getting 2 kids out the door in the morning would be nearly impossible for anyone!! It's hard getting my two boys out of bed every morning... in fact it's 7:30 and I'd better go kick them both out of bed. Wish me luck (and you can take a guess as to which one is harder to get ready!)