Friday, March 28, 2008

Earily Familiar

For the past few days Lincoln has been more cranky than usual, pulling at his ears and his eating habits have been noticeably different. Sounds like all of the familiar signs of an ear ache to me.

Not again.

I took Lincoln to see the doctor in hopes that I may have been wasting my time, but no. Lincoln is on his way to getting another ear infection. Our family doctor/ pediatrician is great. Elaina loves her and talks about Dr. Joni all of the time. Dr. Joni in turn, loves our kids (she sees them often enough it seems) and has a particular fondness for Lincoln who jokingly refers to as "Moosie" because he is as big as a moose and makes grunty-growly noises like a wild beast.

As Dr. Joni and I were in the midst of our conversation about Lincoln's prescription, she stopped on a dime, interrupting her own sentence and commented on how much Lincoln looks like Eric. She was struck by the resemblance and even the similarities between Elaina and Lincoln.

In the evening, we joined some friends at our favorite pizza place (as usual) and my friend Rebekah was in awe in how much Lincoln is looks like Eric. Wow! I know I have two handsome men in my life, but this confirms that Lincoln was just meant to be ours. Same with his big sis. Just another perfect example of a perfect miracle.

Too bad Lincoln seemed to get my misery and woe of ear infections. He's my kid too!

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