Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Snow Party

This is how it all started...

All ready for the first sled ride with Daddy.
Check out that snow flying in the air!
Coming back after one brave stint on the big hill.
Note, that isn't Daddy behind her. Apparently he got left in the snow drift.

The wiped out sled crew opted for a much more tame evening of vegging out to Noggin on our antique television.
This is Baby Cole. Baby Cole is only 9 months younger than Elaina, but will probably remain "Baby Cole" throughout high school. Or until they are married.
Don't I love 24 hour Noggin? YES!!
Yes Lincoln, you can pay your sister back some day for doing this to you. (Except I think you looked really cu-ute!)
And if this isn't a happy crew tucked in their house.
This group was pretty content too.

I guess if you have to be stranded inside, it's best to have friends with four wheel drive to join you for a come-as-you-are party. This was one day I didn't mind being snowed in.

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Tracy said...

I had one of those antique tvs. We just got rid of it a year or so ago. It was my dads and Then I took it to school and then it went with me move to move. And then our last move which was transitioning out of the military, we decided to give it to the movers. It still worked great. They sure made things better back then. I think mine was from 1978