Sunday, March 30, 2008


Have you ever the slang term "poser?"

Well, we were all posers in our own right this weekend. On Saturday, we took the kids to get their very first professional picture taken together. I had intended for Easter poses, but then decided against anything to dressed up and "Eastery." Oh yeah, and I ran out of time to get their pictures done before Easter so it didn't really matter. I just wanted my kids touching in the same photo.

Elaina was the first Poser. All morning long she asked if we could go to the picture place yet. Get it? My child posing like she was going to know what to do at the portrait studio. Like she liked going there. Poser. Their appointment time finally rolled around after their nap time and Elaina did pretty good. Mostly good. Ummm... not so bad. By the sheer stroke of luck, there were a few pics of her alone that were absolutely adorable.

Lincoln posed as a race horse trying to break stride at the finish line of a race. Eric had bounced Lincoln's spare t-shirt in his face to play peek-a-boo while at the same time, wiping his face of smiley baby slobber. When Lincoln was getting in photographer-approved-posing-position, Eric would swipe the shirt in front of his face and snag it away quickly with Lincoln revealing the most happy baby smile ever. Which only lasted for approximately 15.8 seconds before Lincoln tried to crawl to his Daddy for some more. Darn that slow photographer.

Final score of picture posers:
Elaina - good
Lincoln- justifyably good
together: potential winners of the most awkward smile photo contest

And the biggest poser of all, introducing; my husband. While I ordered the pictures, he browsed around the store in the neighboring furniture department. He reported to me in his most nonchalant way that some entertainment centers were on sale. Huh? Was he really looking at entertainment centers? For like a new tv or something? The same guy who sounds like a broken record saying, "There's nothing wrong with the one we have." Really? Poser.

Long story short, we bought an entertainment center. Although it is listed to hold a 50" television, under no uncertain terms will the console-dinosaur even be considered lifted into the newly purchased television nest. No. No. No. Even if it is 5o".

As for me. I'm only a poser as I write this post multiple days later and have pictures of the new PLASMA tv that did find a home! HeeHeeHee.

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