Saturday, March 08, 2008

Because you haven't missed anything...

That’s exactly how it’s been. Nothing noteworthy has been going on in our home for over a week. See, you haven’t missed much.

I have to admit that a vacation from blogging is necessary from time. It’s not that I don’t like to blog and it’s not like I don’t like reading the occasional comments from all of you, it’s just that this past week has slipped by and I haven’t been able to squeeze in a single hour more into my day to blog. Darn it, anyway.

So, let’s say that if I would have forfeited sleep to talk to you all. Here’s a sampling of what I might have been sharing with you.

Lincoln: Has the cutest five-tooth smile you’d ever want to see. Two pearly whites gleam at the top, while three littles rest on the bottom. All of last weekend, he suffered yet another bout of croup and congestion and barely an appetite as a result. I thought my heart might crumble into tiny pieces as it hurt to hear his barking seal cough and crackling wheezing sound with each breath. With a round of antibiotics and much rest, the Mighty Lincoln is back to being my full time charmer. He’s pulling himself up onto anything that is the least bit stationery and crawls around everywhere. Oh, and he’s actually beginning to drink from a sippy cup without acting like he’s going to gag up a lung or look like he’s choking. My baby boy is really growing up.

Elaina: Although she’s never had croup, she did present with a random fever for a few days in a row. The strange part is that it wasn’t persistent and she didn’t really have any other symptoms. I don’t even know that she felt bad. Weird. But okay. Other than that, I’ve seen glimpses of her behavior which are mirror images of me in her attitude and her strong will. Good God. That will make for a posting of it's own.

Me: Oh, why oh, why do germs love me so? In caring for Lincoln and going to work in what-should-be- a dilapidated building in which mold and a pinch of heat flow through the vents, I am sick. What a surprise. I’m allergic to the mold and topped with Lincoln’s germs, my immune system crashed in a mess of a sinus infection. In fact, one night, my temperature was just under 103 F and this Momma went to bed before 10:00 without even considering blogging or cleaning up the day. For my OCD-self, that is rare.

Eric: I love my consistently healthy husband. No germs, no sickness or ailments to report with my stellar fella. In fact, my husband who is hardly romantic, surprised me with a new little sized camera that is more portable than our other and also records video and sound. I love them both!

And I ask myself what can be better than a surprise little camera that I’ve been lusting for; having an at-home husband on Wednesday nights. Earth-shattering news hit when Eric announced (with his arm bent in a strong hold behind his back) that he has conceded to Wednesday night bowling night for next season. Risking sounding like a nagging wife, you first have to know that Eric also has a Tuesday night commitment to the fire department for their weekly meeting and bowling season is forever long in 32 consecutive weeks. Like anyone else, there’s also the sporadic little pop-up events that consume my husband’s so-called free-time. I can’t wait to have an additional night with him throughout the week. This is such good news, you don’t even know!

If you’ve read this far, are you really thinking that you’re glad I didn’t report every snot, cough and fever that has consumed our world in the past week? Yeah, I thought so too.

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Anonymous said...

It is so nice to catch up with what is going on at your house but I need pictures of my beautiful grandchildren. It has been three weeks since we have seen them and four weeks since we have seen Colin. Grandpa and I are missing them sooooo bad! Pictures please.