Sunday, July 15, 2007

Cooling Down and Roasting

Today was a near perfect family day. The weather was gorgeous, we didn't have a single commitment of our time and life is seeming to be good.
There is one exception. Lincoln has a fever. A fever that has lasted from the mid-afternoon through the evening and not getting higher than 101. I've kept him on steady doses of Tylenol alternating with ibuprofen. He sounds a little bit congested and Mommy is always quick to worry. This isn't any part of fun for the day. Just one more degree and I'm promising myself that we're speeding off to the nearest StatCare. I've always been hesitant about taking my child's rectal temperature until today. With Lincoln's fever running high, I could not take any chances on his ear thermometer reading only one single degree different than true. Unfortunately, this day, I became a pro. I'm a realist and can put my differences aside when it comes to doing what I know is best and necessary for my baby.

101. Come on down fever!

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