Tuesday, July 24, 2007

My Little Linky

No. Really. I don't prefer to call Lincoln "Linky" just yet, but when I'm trying to conjure up a smile from my little man, the Linky-Dinky-Doo song and the high pitched silly mom voice usually does the trick.

So, let's hear a Lincoln update!

Our little chubbo has grown to a whopping 14 pounds already! I have to admit that seeing his weight gain is a nice compliment to us, knowing that we finally matched him to the right formula, he's getting plenty to eat and that he has a very healthy appetite. He carries his weight well, too. He's not fat and rolly-poly, he's just got chubby thighs and he's thick and solid. Every time I pick him up, my mind just goes wild wondering what his future will hold for him. Is it possible that we're raising the next Ben Roethlisberger? (Pittsburgh Steelers, people!)

At 2.5 months old, he has graced us with his sweet, little boy smiles and has recently begun to let out a throaty, little laugh. It's as if the laughter just catches in the back of his throat and he just can't push it out past his lips. He has tamed down his wild billy-goat cry when he's hungry and only fusses a little bit while he wiggles and lets out a little a few yells. That hardly compares to his full-blown-near-hysteria when he was a starving newborn. Now, when he hears the rip of the velcro from his bib as I put it on him, he begins to calm down knowing a bottle is imminent. Speaking of bottles, he is pretty consistent to drink 5 ounces per feed (sometimes, 6 oz.) and is spacing out his feedings between 4-5 hours. We're still not getting an incredible amount of sleep because he starts his sleep marathon about 8:30p.m. and wakes between 12 and 2 in the morning. Obviously, that doesn't quite match our typical sleep schedule. We'll get there. The sooner the better!

And what does a 2 month old like to do? He loves to be entertained by his mobile in his crib. He gets all wiggly and begins to coo and smile when I turn it on and he'll lay there as content as ever watching the magic mobile circle above his head. Recently, we inadvertently switched him to his crib. It all started one night as I was putting him to bed. It was about 2 weeks ago and he sounded a little bit snorty and congested. I thought I would do him a favor and let him rest in a slanted position on his boppy in his crib so that his head was higher than his chest. He slept peacefully for a little stretch of time and so did we. Lovely. Easy. Good boy!
Last but not least, his favorite thing of all time is holding onto my fingers as he drinks his bottle. It's just another little opportunity to bond and build trust and security in our relationship. He's and amazing boy and I'll always want to hold his hand!
Baby camouflage!

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