Friday, July 20, 2007

Fair is Fair

Just as I was about to leave work , Eric called me and asked if I had anything planned for the evening. As I just realized that it had already become Friday, I hadn't thought of a single thing to do. Not even a single thing planned to cook for dinner. My dear husband proceeded to ask me out on a date. A family date. At the fair.
I'll admit, we may be country bumpkins, white-trash perhaps, but you won't find any better food than fair- food! Other than spending time with my family, that was my main motivation for shouting out a big 'ol "Ya-hoo!" in accepting his invitation. Just in case you've not been to Ohio fairs, let me give you the highlights of the fine dining that the fair has to offer. Texas fried pork tenderloins. Steak on a stick. Cheese on a stick. Dippin' dots. Elephant ears. Funnel cakes. Apple dumplings. Stromboli. Sausage and pepper hoagies. Roasted peanuts and cashews. Old- fashioned flavored root beers. Fair-fries didn't get their claim to fame by just being fried potatoes afterall. And then there is my new, personal favorite, deep fried oreos! Gah! (Note: clean drool off keyboard) Up until recently, funnel cakes have been my great weakness. That is until I discovered deep fried oreos! Another new and tasteful way to chunk up to 200 pounds overnight. Does anyone share my affection for these wonderful works of taste bud bliss? Mmm...

Another great part of going to the fair is allowing Elaina see and touch all of the animals that we read about in her books. Living, breathing and stinky. 7,000 pound cows, shaved sheep, goats that need to be milked, stinky chickens and God-awful-ugly turkeys. On the other hand, we also have the cute, little bunnies that hop around happily before they get sold to some one's dinner table. Elaina enjoyed it all. Fearlessly.
What a great family date! Can you tell that Elaina had a good time?

3 Welcome Comments:

Kelsey said...

It sounds (and looks) like a good time. Really? Deep fried oreos? How is that even accomplished?

By the way, Lincoln is getting so big! Nice and healthy!

Laura said...

Oreos, batter and grease! Come on, how could it get any better? And when the oreo gets hot and bubbly in the grease, the white filling in the middle gets nice and melty. Dee-li-cious!

You better check your local fair schedule! I wouldn't steer you wrong!

Heather said...

Have you experienced the heavenly taste of deep fried cookie dough? Imagaine chocolate chip cookie dough, dipped in funnel cake batter and quickly fried so that the dough is not cooked, but is gooey and warm. YUMMO!!!

I'm so glad to see pictures of the kids. Next time you venture to central Ohio, we should try to plan a massive play date with Colin, Wesley, Elaina and Lincoln.