Saturday, July 28, 2007

When "Pop-Pop" Pops In

When either Pop-Pop comes to visit, it's a special day. When Pop-Pop comes to visit and brings Grandma and they just magically appear when a little girl wakes from her nap, her day is even better.Eric's mom and dad stopped by to visit today on their way home from a trip to West Virginia. Elaina was napping when they arrived and was so surprised to see who had come to visit her when she woke up. Since both sets of grandparents live almost 3 hours away, it's not a common occurrence for grandparents just to stop by on a random afternoon. We had lunch together and visited for a few hours before they had to get back on the road, heading for home. While they were here, they were sure to get their fill of little girl hugs and bright baby smiles to tide them over for a while longer until we see them again.

Since Elaina was sad to see her grandma and pop-pop leave, Eric did his best to distract her and make his little girl happy once again. The bubbles seemed to do the trick!

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