Friday, July 13, 2007

Flying Solo

I'll admit that I will be the very first one (ever) to brag about her kids. Just in case you couldn't tell. Also, I will do everything in my power to never allow myself to ever complain about my kids. They're pretty much all I've ever wanted, how dare I even think a complaint?

But there are the times that every parent needs an interruption. A break, if you will. Today was my day.

Today was our company picnic which always guarantees an early dismissal from our regular workday. Knowing this, I meticulously began to plan and list and route my evening as "Solo Mom." Yes, I was going shopping! Wahoo! Since we've been redecorating Elaina's room (I'll post pictures when it's more complete) I've been on the lookout for curtains and some new accessories to finish the job. And, let's not forget, I am a true sale shopper and everyone knows that July sales are awesome. (Not as good as August, but I'll be back!) I had some returns to make at the mall and I had forgotten how nice it is to just leisurely stroll through the stores without a stroller, diaper bag or kid stuck to me. It's a nice feeling to move freely about the stores, zigzagging from one sale rack to the next through a 2 foot aisle opening. Freedom. In a sense, being a mom and shopping alone is even more fun now. Before I had kids, my shopping list was fairly limited, only shopping for myself, Eric and our house. But now, well now is altogether different. There are kid clothes to buy! And constant buying to keep up with them growing. And kids' bedrooms to decorate. Pinks and blues and flowers and cute! Somebody stop me! Shopping is fun!

As if my shopping marathon wasn't enjoyable enough, the thing that made my evening most notable was running into an old friend. Lisa was one of Ava's favorite nurses in the NICU who became almost like family throughout our stay. When a family is thrown into a crisis, having their newborn lay critically ill in the NICU, there are really no words to describe how your life changes. And with the outcome that we were forced to deal with, there's really no one that can relate to how you feel. Lisa, Becky and Marianne proved to be an exception to that rule. I've mentioned them before in a post about Ava, and they will always be a highlight in our lives in the time that we spent with our daughter. Imagine my excitement when I spotted Lisa from across the store and spent the next 20 minutes catching up! When we finished talking, I immediately called Eric to tell him who I ran into. Like a celebrity. Our Lisa!

Ironically enough, the very next store I went to, I spotted yet another nurse that had provided care for Ava. While talking to Lisa, I asked about LaVonne who had just brought her 2 year old daughter home from China. I had been following her adoption on her blog and was thrilled to meet her little Nina in person. Just for the record, Becky and Marianne, I asked about you also, but never saw you in the next stores. My luck was on a roll, I was looking for you!

So there you have it. My night of shopping was enjoyable, peaceful, exciting and long. I finished my grocery shopping at my favorite 24 hour store and was home by 11:00 p.m. Kudos to Daddy for picking up the slack and having a "Daddy Night" without me.

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