Sunday, July 08, 2007

Family Reunion

What timing? One of the hottest days this summer and guess who had to go to a family reunion. My family! Correction, my family, with the exception of my dad and Eric. I'm not sure who they paid off, but they took a friend up on his offer to go fishing at Lake Erie. Lucky for them that they caught some fish while rocking in the boat with at least a puff of a breeze across the water. Us, on the other hand, absolutely melted in the heat in the not-so-roomy shelter house at a nearby park. It was a hot one, and I’m hardly referring to the Paris Hilton definition of “HOT.” We roasted in the 96 degree heat as we jammed about 60 already- warm- bodies in a shelter house which somehow lacked any breeze whatsoever.

Of course, the highlight of the reunion (which I have skipped for the past 4 years) is seeing my cousins and their baby bundles of joy. Here is a picture of my cousin, Trisha and her little baldy baby boy, Vinnie. We found that the boys became much happier when we stripped them down to their diapers. Lucky for them they are still able to pull off this style and look adorable at the same time! Despite the heat, Elaina enjoyed some time playing on the playground set and a new birthday gift from her cousin Colin and his parents.

After a whole day of playing and visiting with family, we still had to face the long ride home with our truck packed tight with birthday gifts and leftover cake. (Thank God... mmm, it was gooood!) Before we could leave though, Elaina talked Grandma into one last game of hide and seek. Just for the record, Elaina isn't very good at hiding yet, but she loves the thrill of seeking!

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