Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Not- a- Party, Party

So, pretty much everyday I sit here and gush about how much I adore my wonderful children. It's my job. And they're lovable. So why not?

When one of my lovely children has a birthday, wouldn't you expect the gushing mother and father to go all out for some fabulous, extravagant celebration for such an occasion. My answer: Sure, why wouldn't you?

Hold onto your seats... we didn't do anything special. Eric had to work and then had made plans to go to a race that he has had to forfeit going to for the past two years. (First year, the phone rang letting us know that our baby was about to be born just as he was leaving the house for the race and the second year, his wife would have hung him by his ears if he would have missed his daughter's first birthday party.) But this year, all of our family had previous plans or commitments or work that they weren't able to make it to a party for Elaina this past weekend, prior to her actual birthday. Easily enough, we switched her party weekend to the following weekend, coming soon.

Given the fact that we hadn't planned anything particularly special for the day, I wanted to spoil Elaina in a fun, little way to make her happy. I was going to let her help bake a birthday cake or take her out to eat at "Donoles" (which is McDonald's, the one with the playground) or invite some friends over to play. The day, however, met me with a cranky two year-old who whined and was hard to please for most of the day. I actually put her back to bed for a second nap to sleep away the crankies and become more pleasant. I was about to glue her to the wall if her crankies didn't cease. After more rest and a full recovery, she was back on board as my sweet, little birthday girl. Her birthday celebration, which made her the happiest was going to the playground and meeting 3 new friends to play with. It was a happy day indeed.

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