Thursday, March 22, 2007

Get me outta here!

Immediately this morning, Elaina made it quite clear that she was feeling much better. Whew! (Mommy's doing the happy dance!) She was back to her sweet, smiley and giggly self right when she woke up. Her forehead and little body felt a healthy normal-warm versus the baby-sitting-next-to-the-fire-hot. What a relief to us both!

So, silly me, I'm at work and beginning to think of all of the great family things I want to do over the weekend since Eric's coming home tonight. With just one phone call, my plans are crushed like ants under a boulder.

Eric: Hi Honey. I think I have the flu.

Would someone please give me a break? Seriously. Eric hasn't even been around Elaina since Monday night and he never gets sick. Aack!

Anyhow... I left Elaina in his care for all of 90 minutes before he put her to bed and I went to enjoy a children's book party at my friend's house. (Another home party! Gotta love 'em!) Knowing I wouldn't be able to isolate Elaina from her daddy anyhow, I just let him fill in the driver's seat for tonight and I went over to enjoy some girl time, reading and buying books for Elaina.

No sense in all three of us having a rotten day.

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