Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Where is Colin?

As much as I love writing about my little Stinkerbell, I look forward to reading about the daily life of my brother and sister-in-law and my favorite Colin in the entire world! (And with my favorite Colin stories, I get my daily dose of Wesley stories and Andrew and Lily stories and then Harper stories and before I know it, 2 hours have passsed! See why I get no sleep people! Your darned cute kids keep me reading!!)

Since I always click over to check out my Cutie Colin, I nearly freaked out several times today when I saw that Kate's blog showed no posts. And then, it had the nerve to tell me that I wasn't an invited reader! You too?

Before you get all bent out of shape thinking that Kate wants to hoard all of her Colin pictures and stories to herself, let me assure you that it's not the case at all. Kate is currently ironing out some minor details in her archives and will restore it to full capacity soon. She's even promised 10 pictures a day of her little munchkin! Can you believe that? 10 pictures a day and stories to boot! When her site is up and running again, Kate even said that she would be inviting the first 10 readers of her newly constructed site on her cruise with her next week! Isn't that lucky? Yeah, I have a great sister-in-law and my flip flops and suntan lotion are already packed! See you on the ship, Kate!

2 Welcome Comments:

Kelsey said...

Thanks for clearing that up! I was dismayed at the Colin absence too!

Heather said...

Me too! I was a little freaked out when I couldn't access it yesterday. Who knew she had a cult following!