Saturday, March 17, 2007


How do single parents ever do it? Could someone just tell me? I love our daughter to pieces, yet, to imagine juggling a child, a household, a job, meals, and your sanity at the same time? I don't know.

Eric is great to me. He helps around the house, answers to Elaina's beck and call, and just makes life easier for us in general. His work schedule, however, has been consistently wrecking havoc in my otherwise well-balanced lifestyle. He had been away last weekend working a gun show in Pennsylvania for his "supplemental job," followed by 3 days last week that he was away from home for his "real job." That brings us to this weekend which he is in PA once again followed by 3 days away from home for "real-job-work." Did you follow all of that? In a nutshell, we're talking about Eric being home only 3 evenings out of 14. Not only do I miss him, but it's nice having a break every now and then to actually go to the bathroom all by myself and things of the sort.

*I painted Elaina's nails for the first time! They're sparkly glitter pink!

Putting my whining aside, let's talk about Elaina! She's coming down with a slight fever as of late. It's called spring fever and Keegan has already been stricken and is suffering. It's true that one lovely day last week the temps hit near 70 degrees with gorgeous sunshine and pure, fresh air. And living in Ohio, that all went to pot only 48 hours later. The weekend met us with snow and temps below 40. Regardless, I wanted to get Elaina and myself out of the house for a break in our day and decided on going to the library. There, she was unbelievably great. She used her soft voice, she stayed close to me, she didn't tear every book out of place and she helped to load our basket with books. Unfortunately, I didn't happen to bring this sweet little girl home with me. No. The moment we walked in our back door, she began to whine and cry to go "ow-side, ow-side, ow-side!" I'm here to tell you people that 34 degrees and gusty wind doesn't constitute much enjoyment from this mom to go "ow-side." Only because I'll do just about anything for my little girl, I was willing to risk windburn or frostbite- which ever came first- to take her for a stroller ride. (okay, it just felt THAT cold) She hung from the doorknob and sobbed and whimpered as I tried to offer a reasonable explanation to my one year old that mommy would take her for a walk if she was just patient for a minute. Knowing that my reasoning was lost to the same subject, I ran upstairs as fast as I could to put a second pair of pants on and some boots as Elaina lay on the kitchen floor at this point, losing touch with herself. I hurried down all of two minutes later to find Elaina still on the floor in her fit with her face leaking with tears, snot and slobber. After wiping her face three times, getting my coat and hat on and trying to bundle Elaina a little bit more, I told her that we would go as soon as she stopped her crying. ( I was afraid that her tears and snot would actually freeze to her face!) To this, she only began whining for her binky with more tears to accompany her demand. By this time we have reached the absolute-no-turning-back-meltdown phase. She got to me. Trip cancelled. I peeled her hat and coat off of her and carried her quickly to her bed for her to finish her rant. I had lost my cool and needed a break too. Did I mention that my psycho dog had been bouncing at the back door and pacing for the duration of this fit? He thought he was going too and proceeded to be an absolute pest. I did let him outside and told him it was okay if he ran away. (Since he doesn't know the way to grandma and grandpa's house, I was still stuck with him.) Welcome to the Meltdown Trio on the homestead! Eric!!
After only a few minutes and much deep breathing, I went to console leaky-face and make up with her. Apparently she was just getting overly tired and her fit only enhanced her sleepy-cranky mood. She took a time out snuggled in my lap as we rocked and calmed down.

*Since she had already cried her eyes out... replacements!

Seriously, spring can't get her soon enough! Please don't let us have any more "teaser" days running around without coats and the sun shining brightly until we're in for the real thing! See what happens?

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