Sunday, March 04, 2007

Just my speed

Really? The weekend has already come to an end? Tomorrow really has to be 'Monday?"

Oh, what can I say about this weekend? It was nice!

Probably not enough sleep, not enough blogging (according to my parents!) and not enough hours of playtime. Eric had some tactical fire training classes to attend locally on both Saturday and Sunday morning and Elaina and I had some serious, scheduled playtime to tend to.

All of 20 months old and our kid has a sense of humor. A well-developed sense of humor, I might add. It's not funny that I don't have a particular example to share at this moment in time, but the past two days she has kept me laughing. It seems as though Elaina is growing again also. Yesterday morning, we snuggled in bed together until almost 9 a.m. watching Noggin. After finishing her breakfast, she pleaded from her highchair, "Night-night! Bed!" Seriously. The child hadn't even been vertical for an hour and wanted to go back to bed. Since she wasn't grumpy, I redirected her attention and we played for a little while longer until I gave her a bath and she tried to climb into her crib to go to sleep. Her behavior pattern was similar today with being a little more tired than usual. Ironically, her naps were only about 2 hours long- just like usual. Maybe this is her winter hibernation period that we all have to suffer through. If I didn't have a toddler, housework or responsibilities, I'd sleep through winter too! Elaina's mealtimes are still a struggle and there is really no change in her eating habits. PICKY!

On a very superficial note... my leaning bookshelves arrived! Eric stayed home with Elaina on Saturday night for me to run errands and gather up some new frames for my long awaited pictures (which still have yet to arrive.) I'm very pleased with the appearance and the storage, I just don't know if I have quite mastered the decorator's touch when it comes to arranging my "stuff." I found some great storage cases for the bottom shelves which have already been filled with overflow of Elaina books and toys. I knew I would love these suckers! Elaina had already gone to bed by the time I finished filling the shelves and had yet to see the finished product. As I carried her downstairs this morning, I told her that Mommy had a surprise waiting for her to see. Elaina quickly asked, "Present?" Oops. Could this child be spoiled with presents? I pointed out to her all of the pretties that we don't touch and the special surprise were the two cases on the bottom filled with her books. Just for her. Her reaction was hysterical. She made her little "O" face and with her big eyes, said, "Wow! Booooks!"

I do love that we are each other's own fan club! That's my girl!

Now if we could just do something with our antique console TV that refuses to die and works perfectly fine, so that Eric won't buy another. Not something a long handled screwdriver, jabbed in the back can't fix.
(Hee-hee hee evil laugh.)

2 Welcome Comments:

Kelsey said...

The bookshelves look great. Your comment about the TV cracked me up because when I saw it in the pictures I thought, wow, I can't believe there are still TVs like that! It has a sort of funky-retro vibe. . . but if you don't like it, I'm sure Elaina would be happy to accidentally spill something damaging on the back, or throw a toy through the screen?

Laura said...

Kelsey.... I knew I liked you!
Good thinking!