Monday, March 12, 2007

Weird day on Speed

Thanks a lot daylight savings time! You have our entire family's internal clocks completely screwed up!

Whoever thought that taking an hour out of someone's day would be a good idea? It's true that an extra hour of daylight is always appreciated, but seriously, skip an hour? And where exactly did that one hour go? Oh the beauty of Midwest living on the eastern time zone. Does that even make sense? I wouldn't be the one to ask.... someone just stole an hour from me!!

Let me just tell you the ill affects on our family when we have to deal with change. Eric arrived home safely last night (actually this morning) around 12:45 a.m. Since Elaina was too wired to rest, she ended up staying up even later than her usual bedtime with or without the hour change. I stayed up too late recapping my weekend blog and was awake to visit with Eric when he came home. Needless to say, our bodies were still used to going, going, going and we were both still up well past 1 a.m. When that happens, 7 a.m. hits harder than you think. Oh, and don't forget that this old lady's body was still telling her that it was only 6:00-- stay asleep!! I had to peel Elaina out of bed and she was a mess of tired most of the day. I did appreciate that when I finished my visit to the chiropractor this evening, I hurried down the the mall and grocery store for some retail therapy and the sun was out until after 7:30! Lovely! It really doesn't seem so late as long as the sun is up. Okay, okay.... so I get that this was the intent of someone's "bright" idea in scheduling daylight savings' time early this year. I get it! It's all about the sunshine. Still, I don't know that I was ready to forfeit an hour of my day. It's not like someone came to me and offered that one hour to be one less hour I had to be at work or anything. I'd sign up right away.

So it seems as though I'm still rambling about my precious hour.... yep. Blame the brain fog due to lack of sleep. Back to the point I was trying to make about this being a weird day. Just a few, random, oddball, observations I made on this lovely day in March.

* There are still dirty snow piles scattered throughout the towns, despite the fact that the temperature was near 50 and it rained and even hailed teensy ice balls for all of two minutes.

* The forecast for tomorrow is calling for temps near 70 and then chance of snow the following day.

* We have muddy yards, muddy streets and dirty cars galore because it's just not worth trying to wash your car and expecting it to be clean for longer than the time it takes you to pass your first stoplight as you drive home.

* Every store is saturated with sweaters, coats, bathing suits and spring attire in the very same aisle.

* Every store has great sales on their winter merchandise that I can't get enough of. I love buying at the end of the season and having special little surprises awaiting me in the fall. It's as if my own shopping fairy crept in over the summer months to hide treasures of new clothes for me. That fairly knows my taste to a "T."

* And finally, you know that spring is in the air because someone stole my hour!

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