Sunday, March 25, 2007

Higher Mommy!

Oh that's all I heard this afternoon, "Higher, Higher! Higher Mommy!"

The day was gorgeous and we went swinging! At the park, that is, and even had a playdate lined up. My friend Charity had brought her daughter, Alison to the park for a big girl and little girl playdate. While we all had a great time, I guess that neither one of us had counted on having to chase our little busybodies headed in every which direction as much as we did. While Elaina wanted to slide, Ali wanted to swing. Elaina wanted to climb and Ali wanted to slide. The girls' activities rarely coincided with us being in the same spot very long to do much mom talk. That hardly seemed to matter with as much as the girls enjoyed being out and active at the playground. Elaina and I stayed over 2 hours and outlasted every other kid that made an appearance. Once we had the playground to ourselves, I pushed her on the swingset and we sang the alphabet song together and counted to 12. Elaina has been asking to sing "ABC's" lately and she chimes in every now and then with the correct letter in the right part of the alphabet. I'm impressed. Her other requests include the Itsy Bitsy Spider and E-I-E-I-O. Not that the song is important, just the part when she gets to say "E-I-E-I-O!"

I see many more play dates and trips to the park in our very near future. Also, what a great way to tire out a toddler to guarantee some time to catch up on putting away my winter snowman dishes! I'll see you 'men in the winter!

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